Roof Tiles – Pros And Cons of Tiled Roofs

Roof tiles are less commonly used than other type of roofing shingles. Made from concrete or terra cotta these tiles are much preferred in some parts of the country giving the area a very characteristic look. These tiles bring back the old world charm to homes.

Terra-cotta tiles which are the traditional tiles have been around for several centuries. They have stood the test of time and have survived hundreds of years of innovation in roofing materials. A clear indication of the superiority of the product.

Some of the tiles that have been manufactured to strictest quality guidelines are in fact suitable for even the most severe marine environments where the corrosive effect of salt bearing moisture laden winds cause maximum damage on other types of roofs. They are also suitable for severe and frequent freezing and thawing weather conditions.

The benefits of tile roofs are many and are explored in detail below.

Long Life Of Roof Tiles

Roof tiles are long lasting. They last from 50-70 years. This is much more than asphalt shingles which has a life span of 15-20 years or even less in some areas. But, if you consider the cost vs durability question then tiled roofs win hands down as they pay off in the long run.

Lighter Roof Tiles

There are lighter versions of the traditional tiles available these days which don’t need any modifications or reinforcement of the roof structure.

Choice Of Colors And Designs

You can choose from a wide selection of textures and coloring in roof tiles. There are traditional Spanish and Mediterranean styles, shake,wood shingle and slate roofs. They also offer a wide choice of colors from traditional reds to greens and blues. You will also find different shades of grey in roof tiles. The terra-cotta colors are usually guaranteed for the lifetime of the product. You can blend traditional and contemporary style of roof tile to create a unique and desired roofing effect.


They are aesthetically appealing adding a lot to attractiveness of the home. Practically, you don’t have to do much to make your home look the best on the street. It will stand out because of its tiled roof. You can either choose to blend in with the surrounding homes or choose to stand out with your choice of color and finish.

Resale Value

If you are planning on selling your home, your tile roof will be worth a lot more than asphalt shingles home. Both the attractiveness and quality of roofing will add to your resale value.

Better Performance

When you consider different types of roofs, you will find that roof tiles perform the best in harsh weather conditions. They don’t suffer much damage during storms, hurricanes and earthquakes. Under other extreme weather conditions also they perform better.

Fire Resistance

They are fireproof and have been given a Class-A rating as both concrete and terra-cotta tiles are non-conbustible.


Traditional roof tiles are one of best roofs in terms of insulation. They are made of breathable materials which helps keep the homes warmer in winter and cooler in summers reducing your energy usage to a large extent. They are highly dense materials and so even out temperature differences by storing heat in the day and releasing heat energy during the night as the outside temperature drops.

Sound Insulation

The higher density of roof tiles helps in keeping the outside noise to minimal. Also, the creaking and popping sounds that accompany other roofs are absent due to the heavier nature of the roof tile.

Choice Of Accessories

Tile roofs have a great many accessories to chose from. Cloaked attic vents, bird stops and other roof needs are found in a variety of designs. The beautiful shades of roof tiles is able to complement just about any color or shade that the home might be sporting. It is easy to find the right exteriors to match your tiled roof.


Roof tile is non-corrosive and does not get damaged due to water or moisture.


Quality concrete tiles are structurally very strong and dense. They are water proof and long lasting.

Problems often faced with roof tiles:

Cost Factor

The cost of roof tiles and their installation costs are much more than that of asphalt shingles, metal shingles and other common roofing systems. Hence, the preference for asphalt.


The clay tiles are also heavy. This might require additional reinforcements for the roof structure to take the heavy load of the tiles.

High Installation Cost

Not only is the material cost high, the initial installation cost for roof tiles is also much higher than any other type of roofing material adding to your roofing budget. This is comparable to slate roofing which also costs as much or a little more. Both have similar life expectancy.


Tiles are both heavy and brittle to handle. So, replacing individual broken tiles is difficult without damaging other surrounding tiles as a worker tries to reach the damaged one.

Like any other roof moss, lichen, debris collected on the roof tile will need to cleaned. They are easily done with a high pressure water jet and some cleaning agents.

The colors don’t fade but if you want to repaint the tiles it can be very expensive. Check the prices before embark on repainting project.

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