Roof Replacement Cost Calculator – An Useful Roofing Expense Estimating Tool

To find the cost of roofing a roof replacement cost calculator is great tool to have handy. It helps in calculating the cost of roofing with a variety of options – styles, type of materials, roof size and other factors.

First you need to measure the size of the roof with reasonable accuracy. This will help us to calculate the costs using roof replacement calculator that will be as close to real number as possible. There will be certain pointers here to help measure the roof the right way.

To figure out the area of the roof, you will need to find out the pitch of the roof. Roofs are generally classifed as low, medium and high pitched roofs. For example the low pitch roofs are usually comfortable to walk on. On medium pitch roofs you can generally manage to walk with slight difficulty. The steep pitches are impossible to walk without some kind of support. Steep pitched roofs are dangerous to work on without the use of safety devices. Using a roof replacement calculator you just need to pick the kind of roof you have and the tool will calculate the cost of roofing in seconds.

Pitch of the roof is height the roof rises for every meter of length you walk towards the center or ridge of the roof. The total length of measured from the outside edge of the house to the center of the house divided by the height of roof as measured from the top of stud wall to the top of the ridge gives the pitch of the roof. If the measured pitch 6 in 12 then it is considered medium pitch roof. What this means that for every 12 meters of length the roof rises by 6 meters.

There’s more to learn about roof replacement cost calculator, and you may want to read this other post on the topic here.


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