Roof Repair Estimate – For Better Costing And Budgeting

Roof repair estimate gives you a idea about the cost of replacing a roof or repairing it. According to recommendations from the NCRA you need to make regular inspections of the roof about twice a year. If there is any wear and tear, damaged or torn shingles, then you need to replace them. Major damage needs to be fixed urgently.

Roofing shingles and other roofing materials are sold per square. One square is equal to 100 square feet. So, once you have the area of the roof it gives you a rough idea about the number of bundles or rolls of felt you need. If you also need to replace the plywood underneath then dividing it by 32 will give you a rough estimate about the number of plywood sheet needed for your roof.

Costing and budgeting without a roof repair estimate can be a nightmare for homeowners. Trying to figure out roof repair or relaying costs can be extremely confusing if you don’t know how to do it. Trying to measure a sloping roof and getting everything right, calculating areas without leaving significant chunks and then adding it all together is one part of the problem, you also have to find out how much extra you need as shingles have to overlap in order to prevent leaks and water seepage.

Next step, is trying to estimate the labor costs. This varies and depends on a lot of factors. Location is a major determinant of labor. Urban areas cost more. Expert roofers charge more but they do job faster and also their expertise is worth the price. If you need old shingles removed that costs you more. Even if the roof repair estimate seems higher on labor cost for an experienced roofer remember that he will use much lesser materials than a newbie who ends up breaking quite a few when fixing the roof.

It is better that you leave the roofing to experts even if you are great DIY enthusiast. For one roofing is a little dangerous especially on steep slopes. The roofing contractors will work with safety harness in such cases. Another reason for this is because roofing is a complex business in the simplest of cases like flat roofs. Even here you might get into trouble if you are not careful and do a thorough and patient job. The problem with roofs is that the troubles only manifest much later when a leak springs up and water starts seeping through the ceiling. There are any number of problems roofs can have even while laying the shingles. An expert will know how to tackle and correct them as they arise.

Roofing shingles price and a roof repair estimate varies quite a bit depending on location. The cost will also of your roofing will increase with its size. A larger roof will need more shingles hence higher cost. Then you need to consider wastage and breakage. Some of the shingles can get damaged during transit or while laying the roof. But, this cost can be greatly reduced by hiring a expert roof layer.


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