Cost Of Roof Replacement – Find Out How Much It Costs To Have Your Roof Replaced

Cost of roof replacement varies with the roof. There are a variety of factors at play here and determining the cost of replacement of a roof is a combination of these different aspects. Before starting this expensive, time-consuming and effort-intensive task remember to inspect your roof to check if you really need a new roof. Sometimes, all it may need is removing a few damaged shingles and replacing them with new ones. Only a complete inspection by a experienced roofer will reveal the extent of damage if any and how to fix it.

The cost of roof replacement of a few shingles or part of roof will be much less than replacing the entire roof. So, look for signs of warping, curling, cracked, sagging, missing or broken shingles and replace them as soon as you notice them for a longer lasting roof. Composition shingles have to be checked to make sure they have retained their shape, haven’t curled, cracked or lost their granules. Wood shingles tend to attract mold and mildew. Make sure that wood shingles are not rotting or decaying due to excessive exposure to wet weather. Flat roofs need to be inspected for cracks, tears and blisters if any. If you notice problems that seem beyond you contact the local roofer for a site visit and inspection. Get a quote for the jobs to be done.

If you are looking at complete roof replacement because your roof has outlived its life or is damaged beyond repair then you will be also wondering about cost of roof replacement which depends on many factors. Let’s explore these factors in detail here.


A key factor that will make a huge difference to cost of roof replacement will be the material cost. The type of material you use and the size of the roofing area will determine the cost of the material. Materials range from different types of asphalt shingles like 3-tab shingles, architectural shingles and dimensional shingles to more expensive materials like metal, slate, tile and cedar wood. Each of these have their pros and cons and are suited to different weather conditions. What type of shingle you choose will greatly depend on your budget, your local climate and your preferences.

There’s a wide variety of choices available in every type of shingle mentioned above. Colors, sizes, textures, designs vary and there are options available at every price point. The companies making these shingles know that it is a highly competitive market for shingles and prices their products attractively so, that you pick their products. In asphalt shingles you pay for quality. Higher quality products sell at higher prices and last longer too. So, do slate, metal and wood. They are costly but last about 3 times longer. In your life-time you might have to replace your roof atleast couple of times if you use 30-year shingles. But, with the other materials it’s the only roof you will ever need.


Roof size plays an important role in cost of roof replacement. Bigger the size bigger the price. So, make sure you make accurate measurements of your roof. If you have roof that is 200 square meter in area then you can expect to pay anywhere between $6000 to $25,000 dollars. The vast difference is due to price variation from material to another.

Complexity of Roof

A lot of features on the roof that add to the complexity of roofing job will add to your cost of roof replacement. But, you can hardly do anything about it now as your roof is already been designed and constructed. So, you have to pay for every chimney, dormer window, loft conversion, skylight, vent and design element on the roof that makes the job of roofing it that much more difficult and time consuming and hence, pricier.


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