Roof Coatings – Who Needs Them, And Why?

There are many advantages to using roof coatings that can enhance the utility, efficiency and durability of your roof, especially if it is metal roofing.

Roof coatings serve to insulate and enhance heat efficiency of your home. Light colored roof coatings will have a higher reflectivity index, which means the larger part of sun’s heat and light that falls on it will get diffused away.

This leads to lesser heating up of homes, which in turn lowers the expenses from air conditioning.

Roof coatings also protect the roofing material like metal sheets from rusting and leaking water. While most metal sheets come pre-coated from the factory, this layer wears off in time. Coatings can help restore and replenish them so their durability increases.

Roof coatings further serve to protect the material of the roof from further corrosion induced damage. By preserving the roof material and also preventing seepage of water into the framework of the rafters which keeps it from rotting, these coatings extend the lifetime of your roof.

There are many more advantages to roof coating, and homeowners like you have many more questions about it. That’s why in this short report we will explore more aspects of roof coatings in greater detail.


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