Factors That Affect Cost of a New Roof

What affects the cost of a new roof? Well, frankly, your new roof costs only as much as you want it to cost! But there are some elements that impact this expense and we’ll discuss them here.

The cost of a new roof depends upon the extent of damage that needs the repair. If your roof is leaky and you see parts of your gables or the support structure through cracks in the roof where shingles blew off in a storm, then you’re starting to think about having a new roof. If your building is large with a greater area to roof, then the cost of a new roof will be proportionately higher.

Another factor affecting the cost of new roofs is the extent to which you will provide the labor involved. If you’re a skilled handyman who enjoys doing things yourself, then your overall expenses on hiring a contractor or laborer to handle your roof installation is saved or reduced. But no matter how you slice and dice it, a new roof is not inexpensive.

How much does a new roof cost?

Typically, the estimate for a new roof will be given in rates per square (or 100 square feet). For asphalt roofing, this will range to approximately $200 per square, making the total expense for a new roof around $7,500. A chunk of this cost of a new roof is labor. 50% to 65% of your budget will go towards hiring a contractor and helpers who can install your new roof.

On the other hand, if you can handle the task yourself, then you’re looking at a cost savings of $3,500 or so, which brings in the overall expense of roofing your home to under $5,000. This can become even lesser by negotiating good prices for shingles and other roofing material.

Steep roofs cost more

An important factor that affects the cost of new roof installation is the pitch or slope of your roof. Because it is more difficult to work on steep roofs, the labor costs will be much higher than with flat or gentle sloping roofs. Safety precautions must be taken for the dangerous job and the equipment needed to carry out the task is also costlier.

Labor isn’t the only extra cost. Materials and supplies will set you back more. Even a smaller home with a steep roof can cost you $10,000 through the rates will typically be closer to $15,000. The labor charges reflect the higher skill needed and the longer time it takes to get the work done on steep roofing.

Laying down the felt lining and paper between the plywood under-layment and the shingles roof is hard work. Scaffolding is often needed and enhances the expense. If you are able to handle this job on your own because you’re an experienced roofer, then conceivably you could save two thirds of your projected roof building cost.

But there are very real and serious dangers involved, which mean you should carefully weigh the costs involved and adapt the goals to your individual condition.

Non Shingle Roof Cost

When asphalt shingle roofs need replacement, the cost is affordable. But it goes up steeply with alternative roofing like clay, wood, concrete or other materials. The price range then goes to $20,000+ because material and labor costs are both higher.

All these factors affect the cost of new roof laying. Be sure to be well informed and prepared to avoid unpleasant surprises.


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