Benefits & Drawbacks of Roof Tiles

Roof tiles pale in popularity in comparison to other types of roof shingles. Roof tiles are manufactured from terra cotta or concrete, and are used in some geographic locales that feature architecture that’s characteristic and unique to the area. Tiles give a certain old world charm to a building, creating a feeling of something special and intimate in the neighborhood.

Terra cotta roof tiles are conventional, having been used for hundreds of years in construction. They are sturdy, durable and long lasting, having been proven to be effective roofing solutions over decades of safe existence. Their very endurance has shown how superior they are as a roofing system.

Some roof tiles manufactured to the highest standards of quality and style are ideal for use in certain marine environments where roofs are subjected to corrosion and erosion from salt-laden moisture borne in the wind. Other kinds of roofs get damaged easily under such circumstances, but roof tiles can withstand even their harmful effects. Where there are temperature extremes, with freezing cold in winter leading to thawing of the roof tiles afterwards in summer, tile roofs are again tough enough to tolerate the stress. There are other advantages as well.

Roof tiles are very durable. Most last for 50 to 70 years, even longer. Asphalt shingle roofs, on the other hand, typically last only for 15 to 20 years, and under harsh weather conditions this may be even shorter. In considerations of cost versus durability, the expensive tile roof comes up a clear winner simply because over the long term the home owner saves much more by way of repairs and replacement costs to justify the upfront expense. Roof tiles come in lightweight versions also, which has the added benefit of not requiring any structural modification to the roof frame in order to support the new roof.

Roof tiles come in a range of textures and colors. In style, they range from Mediterranean to Spanish, shake, wood and slate designs, and in different color combinations like traditional reds, greens and blues. You can find shades of gray roof tiles to match different architecture and patterns. Terra cotta roof tile colors are lasting and manufacturers will guarantee this for the lifetime of the tiles. You may use a combination of traditional and risque tiles to create a stunning or eye-grabbing appearance.

For more information about roof tiles and to know what other factors to look for before ordering your roof tiles, be sure to read this longer report.


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