Choosing A Roof Contractor – Factors To Consider

Picking a reliable and professional roof contractor from the yellow pages or advertisements in newspapers is task that is both daunting and tricky. It is only natural that we can’t take everything mentioned in the advertisements at face value. We need proof and references that corroborate the claims made by the companies offering their roofing services. There are plenty of highly experienced roofers available in every area considering that roof are essential to every home.

Factors to consider before you choose a roof contractor are listed below.

Make sure to trust but verify all the claims made. Ask for solid references from other clients who have had their roofs done by the said roofing company. Ask about the specific roof contractor who did the job on their roof. A roofing outfit may have several contractors on their roll and it is important to know about specific people.

Verify that the roofing company has a permanent office, telephone number and other valid requirements for running a professional organization. This also ensures that you can contact them in future in case of problems with your roofing. A fly-by-night operator or startup doing their first roof contractor job may fold up a few years down the line and you will left with a leaky roof or a badly done job.

The roof contractor needs to be covered by insurance. Ask for a proof of insurance for the workers and main contractors who will be doing the job on your roof. The insurance should also cover the liabilities and compensation for the workers. You should not be held liable for any accidents suffered at your work site.

A commitment to worker safety is an important one in the roofing industry. Check if your roof contractor has adequate safety training. Find out if all the workers have been provided with the required training to help them work safely and securely.

Many states require that roof contractor is registered with state licensing boards and also that they are bonded. To know if the professionals you selected are licensed ask the roof licensing authority in your state for details. This is another way to protect yourself so, don’t neglect it.

Get multiple quotes in order to get an idea about how much your roofing work will cost. You can also gauge the professionalism of the company involved by how they approach the quote. This is in no way a reflection of how their final job will be but you might get an idea about how responsive they are and how eager they are to help you. Again, the busy roof contractor might not entertain too many queries. So, don’t be too picky in the beginning as many experts will not give you the time of their day unless they know that you are really serious.

Don’t be tempted by a company offering the cheapest quote. If they are offering a very low rate, find out why it is so. A crucial component might be left out of the contract or they might do a substandard work. So, safeguard yourself and go with a roof contractor who offers rates that are comparable to others. Most importantly they should be a trusted and respected name in the industry.

If possible check for the financial situation of the company you are selecting. Many big companies have the financial statements on their website. If you are worried about the viability of the roof contractor then ask for the financial information.

A knowledgeable and trusted organization will provide you with detailed written document about the work to be done, the specifications of the job, the time taken for each job, the payment schedules and completion dates. If the roof contractor is not providing such a written proposal then insist on it and get it all in writing with signatures. This binds them to a written contract to which they have to stick to.

Go through the written agreement in detail, check for warranty offered and the provisions under which it will be void. This will help you safeguard yourself in case of any problems with the roofing.

Different roofing systems require knowledge that is specific to that type of roofing. The roofing manufacturers have a list of approved roof contractors for their system. They even provide training and expertise to the roof contractors to maximize the benefits of their roofing for the homeowners and clients. Ask the roofers for the list of manufacturers for whom they are approved applicators.

Get the roof contractor to list out their quality standards and procedures. Find out about the inspections that will be carried while the work is in progress and the name of the main roofer who will be in charge. Also, find out details, like the number of people who will be working on the roof and duration of the work.

The trusted and reputed roofers are usually members of professional roofer organizations, state and national bodies, one example is the National Roofing Contractors Association – NCRA. As a member of these organizations the roof contractor has to follow certain norms and processes. They have to comply with minimum standards. Being a member of these bodies identifies these roofing companies as professional and their inclination towards providing basic quality requirements.

Check if there are any complaints filed against the selected roof contractor. You can check the local Better Business Bureau and any other regional authority to find out the details.

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