Metal Roof Shingles – Elegant Diversity With Aesthetic Appeal

Metal roof shingles are a high-end roofing solution for premium markets, but understandably so because they offer elegance with style, appeal with quality, durability with energy efficiency. High quality metal roofing service providers have enjoyed loyal support of customers thanks to the superior quality of their offering. Metal roof shingles are a natural choice for those who believe that a roof should do more than just offer protection against sun and rain. Environment friendly and energy conscious home owners have chosen metal roof shingles because of the cool, green roofing it provides and the reflective properties that save on energy costs by 25% or more in specific locales.

Most metal roof shingles come coated with Kynar 500, a reflective pigment that defects most of the ambient sunlight and lowers the temperature inside a building. This can mean saving thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your metal roof just on energy expenses alone.

For many years, metal roofing was thought to be just plain sheets that looked ugly, resounded loudly when raindrops pattered on them, and worse when hail or snowstorms struck. That perception has shifted with more effective marketing that highlights the rich and varied benefits from metal roofing and the vast range of choice offered in metal roof shingles. Let’s talk about some of these types of metal roof shingles.

AstonWood Steel Shingles

In appearance these metal roof shingles are remarkably like cedar shake shingles, while providing a similar performance metric to galvanized steel roofing. The texture is appealing and attractive, making it a nice alternative to expensive wood shake shingle roofing. In addition, AstonWood steel shingles offer all the benefits of metal roof shingles by way of being fire resistant and energy efficient.

These shingles come with a 50 year manufacturer warranty, a part of which even covers the finish. The warranty can be transferred, making this a choice that will enhance the asset value of your building in the event of resale. The metal roof shingles are made of galvalume steel which provides industrial strength and yet is lightweight in contrast to asphalt or wooden roofs.

StoneCrest Tile Shingles

This type of metal roof shingles provides a classic and clean appearance which is distinctive and attractive. A good combination of durability with value, these shingles also carry a 50 year warranty, including against wind damage. The shingles are protected against dirt and aging through a special process of coating. StoneCrest tile shingles do not fade or change in color over years, and may be conveniently installed over an existing roof without major renovations being necessary.

StoneCrest Slate Shingles

Another kind of metal roof shingles that are made from heavy gauge steel is the StoneCrest slate shingle. These have been double stamped for a more elegant and eye-grabbing look and feel. At a quick glance, it can be hard to tell this roof apart from the more traditional slate roof. They come in various choices of color and texture to fit any kind of building or construction.

Being lightweight as compared to asphalt shingles, these metal roof shingles are resistant to environmental damage, wind and extremes of temperature while being protected by a manufacturer’s guarantee for nearly half a decade. The roofing material is fire resistant, and can be recycled without adding to environmental contamination. A four-way locking system secures them against even very high winds and extreme weather conditions.

The Rationale for Metal Roof Shingles

Why pick metal roof shingles over any other alternative? Well, the reasons are multiple and diverse. Homeowners who have traditionally picked asphalt shingle and other wooden roofing systems dealt with the unfortunate reality that over time, damage will occur. Wood rots and splits. Mold and wear and tear impact the integrity of asphalt shingle. And in 15 to 25 years, the roof becomes leaky and requires repair or replacement.

Metal roof shingles avoid all of these drawbacks. Their typical lifespan runs to 50 years or more. Throughout this period, the roof is practically maintenance-free. Not only are metal roof shingles durable, they also shed ice and snow easily through heat reflection, which means there is a lower chance of the roof being damaged from ice dams or accumulated snow. Metal roofs also will not absorb moisture and get damaged from damp or seepage. Coating prevents rust and insects or pests cannot usually harm metal roofing systems.

Being lighter than conventional roofing materials is another advantage. Home owners who opt for metal roofing do not have to incur an additional cost of tearing down the older roof. Without extensive modifications of the roof frame, it is possible to install a metal roof over it because the same infrastructure can easily bear the weight of the new roof.

Another major factor that drives the decision to install metal roof shingles is the energy efficiency of a metal roof. For many home owners, their home is the single biggest investment. And everyone desires a high return on this investment. Metal roof shingles help deliver such a return through energy savings that can run as high as 25% of the current needs and consumption.

Engineering advances in metal roofing that includes highly reflective coatings, four-way interlocking panels designed to withstand even hurricane strength winds, and alloys that enhance the structural integrity and ability to resist external injury have all further enhanced the appeal of metal roofing as a home owners solution.

As icing on the cake comes the vast choices by way of color, texture and style which makes metal roof shingles available to match just about any kind of architecture, decor or neighborhood. On the distaff side are the initially higher costs, the greater complexity of installation and the difficulty of finding contractors skilled at installing metal roof shingles. But in comparison to the long term cost savings and the environment friendly roofing solution provided by metal shingle roofs, this is a small price to pay – and home owners around the world are proving it by their choices.

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