Solar Garden Lanterns: A Charming Addition To Your Gardens

Solar garden lanterns and torches can add a certain old world charm to your gardens. These serve both decorative and functional purposes and hence are welcome addition to your garden decor. Decorating your lawn and garden area can be just as much fun as decorating the inside of your house. Don’t just go about adding decorative pieces to your garden. Decorating works best with a little bit of forethought and planning. Because if you clutter up your yard and garden areas with too many items, it can look cluttered, unkempt, and unattractive defeating the purpose of decorating.

Like interior decoration, it’s best to choose your accents and accessories based on the particular garden area you’re decorating. Arbors and arches for instance, usually give people the feeling they’re entering a special area of your yard or garden. So these work quite well as garden decor and accents for special areas such as a private garden space, or the entrance to your prized rose garden. Hanging a couple of garden lanterns which are solar powered at the entrance and exit will not save you energy but also serve to light up the area which will usually be darker due to the arbors or arches.

With solar garden lanterns comes the savings in electricity as the lanterns make use of solar energy to meet their own energy needs. The lanterns which each cost about 25-50 dollars will pay for themselves in saved energy bills. They also come in a variety of beautiful designs and shapes and can be hung on any lamp post or pedestals you might have in your garden. With these lanterns you need any electrical wiring or installation issues so you need to hire electrical contractors to install them. The solar panels that come with the lanterns will make all the energy that the lamp needs and store it in the batteries and the lanterns will give off light in your garden as night sets in.

After the initial purchase of the solar lanterns there are no other maintenance costs as far as solar lights are concerned. May be you need to replace the bulbs when they burn out. Buy good quality lanterns, as they will last you a lifetime. You can choose from designs that are similar to conventional lamps or some thing exotic. You can choose rock shaped solar lights that can be placed on different parts of your garden or hanging lights that can be draped over plants and bushes.

Decide on the number of lanterns you will need to place around your garden. Add a few extra in case you decide you need more lanterns are needed in some areas and place your order. You can buy solar lanterns in your local hardware store or order online. There are number of stores that sell these solar garden lanterns. You can look at a number of models and choose the ones that suit your budget and the general decor of your garden. You can choose old style ones to suit the old world look or more modern models if you want to present a cosmopolitan look and make your garden come alive with beautiful models and bright lights.

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