Vanities For Small Bathrooms – A Small Extravagance Is Allowed

Vanities for small bathrooms seem like such an extravagance when you consider that the space is so limited. People are always wondering whether they should go for pedestal sinks and not invest in vanity sets that occupy a lot more space. But, if your heart is set on a beautiful vanity for your bathroom, then go ahead and choose one. Just be practical and choose something that will fit in comfortably into your small bath and leave enough space for you to move.

Think creativily and make use of space innovatively. The vanity set for small bathrooms may seem like a waste of valuable space, but the cabinet under the sink can be used for a variety of storage purposes. Towels and toilet items, cleaning brushes and wash clothes, bathroom cleaning liquids and any number of house hold products can be stored under the bathroom cabinet. Moreover vanities for small bathrooms are designed specifically in different sizes and configurations specially to fit into small spaces.

Choose a single sink vanity set for your guest bathroom. These are suitable for use by a single person. Then there are twin vanity sets offering individual sinks for man and woman in the family. This is a small extravagance but allows both people to simultaneously do all the things they need to do in the morning without getting in each other’s way. For example when you both need to get ready to get to office, one person can not wait for the other to shave and brush. The lady may need to do her make up and brush her hair. So, you actually save time and also reduce the number of fights in the morning about somebody hogging the bath. It’s worth the extra space it takes. Instead you combine the bath and shower and save space in having a smaller toilet and wall mounted flush.

There are so many options when it comes to vanities for small bathrooms. They come in a variety of colors to match your bathroom room decor. They come in a range of prices to suit your budget. You can check out the gallery on many of the websites that sell vanities to choose one that you like. These gorgeous vanities for small bathrooms are sure to win your hearts. There is a large selection of small bathroom vanities available so don’t settle for something that does not seem to be what your looking for. The contemporary vanities are trendy and chic and don’t cost a lot.

In a small bathroom people sometimes feel frustated that they can’t experiment with too many things as the space is so limited. That need not be the case with sink cabinets and vanity sets. Today, you will find specially designed vanities for small bathrooms that are both luxurious and functional. Every aspect is taken care in order to ensure that much space is not wasted and people can still indulge in a few luxuries even in these hard times.

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