Professional Lawn Maintenance – Beautiful Lawns Without The Hard work

Do you know that you can have beautiful lawns without the backbreaking work needed for their upkeep? Professional lawn maintenance services do all the work while you enjoy the beauty of your well maintained lawns. Everyone loves to have beautiful lawns that are well-mowed with perfect paths with no overgrown grass or weeds sticking out of them. But, maintenance by professionals costs a lot of money. You can opt for some low cost options.

Planting and growing ornamental grass in your yard and garden is a wonderful low maintenance way to add beauty with color, texture, and interesting focal points. Ornamental grass tends to grow quite high in many cases and can grow as tall as 20 feet, they don’t usually need to be trimmed or cut in the same way regular yard grass or bushes do. Planting these in bare spots of your yard can create a brand new look in the area. The grass can be used for naturalizing multiple areas of your yard, or it can be added to flower beds and gardens too. Some might grow tall enough to block your flowers from receiving enough sunlight. So choose the ornamental grasses you plant in flower beds wisely.

Unlike regular grass, ornamental grass are not affected by pests or disease and don’t need trimming. Trimming ornamental grass can damage them. There are a wide variety of ornamental grasses to choose from.

Having a beautiful lawn full of deep soft grass is probably the dream of almost everyone. Most of us however, feel it’s too difficult to attain. In reality though, it’s fairly simple to do. You can engage professional lawn maintenance services to do the job for you. The first step to having a deep lush green lawn naturally is to prepare the soil for the best possible results. Test the pH levels of your soil. If your soil pH is not quite right, enrich it with some natural compost, or by adding some natural elements to it such as lime or sulfur.

Once you have your soil balance properly, the lawn services company will turn it over a few times to remove any extra weeds, fungus, or unwanted plant material. This is necessary if the lawn has a lot of weeds in it. The lawn service professionals will spread new grass seed. Select grass that is hardy can take your family’s foot traffic and withstand weeds. Some grass is more subjective to diseases and weed invasions while others will choke out the weeds and keep them at bay naturally. There are also grasses which will naturally look more brown or “dead” at certain times of the year, so if you want green grass year round you’ll need to know which kinds provide this look.

Spread a thick layer of organic compost across your lawn before spraying the seeds. Most professional lawn maintenance companies use straw mats with seeds embedded in them. This allows you to simply lay the squares or ribbons of straw across your yard and apply water. The straw holds the seeds in place and protects them from being eaten by birds before they can germinate and take root.

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