Luxury Bathroom Design – How To Craft Your Dream Bathroom

Interest in luxury bathroom design has exploded, with savvy homeowners porting ideas from spas and high end hotels to the home. While in a prior era, people might visit a European spa to relax, de-stress and re-energize themselves, the modern house owner wants the same experience… right at home. And luxury bathrooms are being designed to fit the bill.

No longer is a bathroom simply a utilitarian portion of the house where you retire to complete your toilet. Luxury bathrooms transform the traditional role of a bathroom into an integral portion of the house – and for good reason. A modern luxury bathroom has amenities and facilities hitherto found only in the most posh resorts and expensive hotels.

Luxury bathroom design can soothe or excite the senses, letting you a modicum of deep relaxation or intense enjoyment rarely before possible. Probably because they work hard to earn money, many home owners feel like spending it so they can walk back home into something special.

But luxury bathroom design isn’t all about accessorizing with very expensive fittings and vanities. It should also add value to the home, and that’s possible because some of the more exotic and luxurious materials like gold, marble and diamond are also very durable and sturdy.

The Luxury Bathroom Spa

A luxury bathroom design will match an equally resplendent master suite or bedroom, extending the same enjoyable experience as a user moves from one into the other. Radiant heating of floors are default settings in today’s upscale constructions. Luxury bathroom design adds a higher dimension of enjoyment.

Bathtubs let you soak in air baths that stream jets of hot air through water, massaging you gently with bubbles. Whirlpool jets and other bathing technologies enrich the bathing experience further. An interesting development is when sound vibrations are transmitted through water, providing the ultimate in deep relaxation.

Or if you prefer showering to bathtubs, then custom showers with a variety of rain showerheads and LED shower heads that are controlled electronically are the new trend in luxury bathroom design. You can preset the temperature of your shower, pipe music into the bath, optimize water use and even have a steam bath.

Wall mounted needle jet shower sprays can create a relaxing experience, one that can relieve stress and promote health. Many luxury bathroom ideas are grabbed from hotels that smart home owners visit in the course of their global travels.

Luxury Bathroom Fittings

Luxury items are finding their way into bathrooms in the form of vanities, lighting, vessel sinks and cabinets. Innovative luxury bathroom design even makes room for cappucino dispensers and a small fridge inside the bathroom. It isn’t only in the fittings that creative designers are leaving a mark, though.

Materials and finishes that discerning home owners choose can create aesthetic appeal along with a real boost in value of the asset that’s their house. Stone, gold and handcrafted tiles for floor and wall material can create amazing visual effects while simultaneously enhancing the value of the building.

Glass is another luxury bathroom design material that can create stunning effects. Used in sinks, floors and for toilet cabins, this can produce a sleek and attractive option that’s a stark contrast from stone. It is such unusual combinations that really leave a mark.

Luxury Bathrooms With Sound And TV

Maybe you once listened to the radio while you were in the shower, but modern luxury bathroom design integrates music and video into the very structure of your room. Home theater systems are built into the design, and the shrinking cost of flat panel TV screens has accelerated the adoption of this technology into bathroom design.

An interesting innovation is to have a flat screen TV embedded into the bathroom vanity mirror. When turned off, the surface behaves like a regular mirror. When the TV is turned on, it transforms itself into a display screen, which can play movies, TV shows, or even serve to browse the Web.

Wireless transmission has evolved to the point where you no longer need to be physically linked to the hub from where video streams to other rooms. This means you can build in DVD players into vanities, or place speakers into recesses around your shower, and have them play back media which is inserted into a player in another part of the building.

In all these exciting ways and more, you can transform your bathroom into a state of art home theater, a fashion showpiece, or a personalized spa. Luxury bathroom ideas that make this possible are valuable and worth studying before taking action. Plan smartly and take your time to explore various choices, and soon you’ll enjoy your bathroom in the lap of luxury!


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