Renewable Energy Business Opportunities – How To Seize Them & Profit

Renewable energy business opportunities are exploding, with new avenues opening up literally every day. Thousands of companies are innovatively stepping up to the challenge, creating exciting products and services that serve the needs of their clients in an environmentally friendly way.

If you’re an entrepreneur seeking entry into the renewable energy space, you’ve got your work cut out. The first step is to research how others are using the technology in this space, and in this article we will look at a few options that are already in the works and looking to enter the market shortly.

Converting Coal Into Gas

Traditional approaches to generating natural gas from coal are both energy intensive and generate green house gases including carbon dioxide. GreatPoint Energy is a Massachusetts based business that grabbed one of the obvious renewable energy business opportunities – and came up with a proprietary catalyst that did this at a fraction of power expenditure, and in a way that isolates the CO2 emissions, allowing the gas to be stored underground.

The natural gas generated is of extremely high quality regardless of the coal, and that’s why the interest in this technology has peaked. A industrial scale plant is scheduled to begin operations in China shortly.

Harnessing Nights For Your Days

Here’s another of those exciting renewable energy business opportunities. Ice Energy, a Colorado based start up, is taking advantage of the cheap and plentiful supply of electricity at night to store ‘cold’ for later use next day!

The Ice Bear is a tank that freezes water at night outside buildings. Then, during the day when air conditioners are working full blast and energy consumption peaks, the Ice Bear runs the coolant from the AC machine through the ice blocks, cooling them effectively and lowering the energy needs of the machine during the day. Most renewable energy business opportunities are so simple and sweet – you just need to be looking out for them!

Green Incinerators?

Or take a look at this renewable energy business opportunity. Waste disposal is an old business. But transforming waste into clean fuel or electricity is not. It’s new – and InEnTec is at the forefront of this technology. By using ultra-hot plasma, this green energy business is converting medical, industrial and even radioactive waste into diesel or ethanol, which can be used as fuel.

Green Devices Get Online

The company behind this renewable energy business opportunity is called the “Cisco of the smart grid”. Silver Springs Networks developed technology that gives every energy saving device an Internet address! This means the device can be controlled and managed remotely by occupants of the building, as well as utility owners. This helps maximize efficiency. The technology is so exciting that major investors include the biggest electric companies like GE and PG & E.

Renewable energy business opportunities abound. There are a limitless range of options that any smart green energy entrepreneur can tap into. All it takes is a little creativity, bold activity and a willingness to take some small risks for big gains.

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