Use These Tips From Landscapers For Great Looking Yards

If you have a small yard and would like a simple but well-maintained garden then there are some simple ideas suggested by professional landscapers that you can try and which will help you achieve the results you want. A good well-maintained yard needs two things – determination and a little knowledge. Your small yard can have a small lawn surrounded by hedges trimmed neatly. You can have a few flowering rose bushes to add a dash of color on one side. The lawn can be used as sitting area with a few chairs and an umbrella for shade.

If you want more then you can have a miniature version of a waterfall, a small pond in a ready-made tub or a bird bath to attract the birds in your small yard. All these are available in any garden shop. If your yard doesn’t get too much sun then you can try out an herb garden with herbs that love the shade. A trellis to guide the vines and create a green wall or a canopy over your yard can add a touch of drama to your plain yard.

Don’t clutter up your small yard with too many ideas. This will give a cramped feeling to your yard. The trick is to keep it simple. Have a few plants and keep them trim and well maintained. The following few tips from landscapers will make even your simplest of yards look truly spectacular.

Water them well: One good tip for having a lush and green yard is soaking it with water once a week. Take care to ensure no run-off which caused erosion of top layers. Watering and such sokaing will encourage deeper roots that withstand dry spells better.

Remove the dead heads: Remove all dry and wilted flowers. Same with leaves. Removal of dead flower heads encourages the plants to produce more flowers for longer period of time. Perennials such as geraniums and dahlias respond well to this technique.

Remove the tops: Certain plants need to have their tops removed for better bushy growth. This technique also encourage new flowers to keep blooming as newer branches are put forth. Fuchsias are one such species which need to be pinched out.

Remove the weeds: You may have a small yard but a trick to maintaining it like professionals is to keep it free from weeds. This enhances the beauty of your garden even if it is small. Weeds will suck out the nutrients and moisture meant for your lawns and plants. If you are planning to dig up your yard before applying the seeds then you can use the weeds for mulch.

Fertilize sparingly: A minimal amount of fertilizer should be used. But this needs to be done regularly particularly if you water your plants a lot to replace the lost nutrients. Application of liquid fertilizer every two weeks should suffice. Plants in containers benefit with half-strength solution of liquid fertilizer.

Keep the chemicals out: Chemicals are dangerous to humans. They also kill the natural predators of the pest in your garden. So,avoid them if possible. There are many organic alternatives like neem oil which can be used.

These tips for Landscapers will ensure a healthy and great looking yard.

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