Kitchen Design: Different Aspects That Help Make Kitchens Beautiful

Kitchen design is one area where the creativity of the designer has to meet functionality. Creating a sleek kitchen that looks good but is hardly used works for designer homes not real ones. Homes were the family cook and share their meals need to practical. There are several aspects that need to be considered when designing kitchens that the homeowner can be proud of and at the same time gives pleasure to the families as they share their meals and banter across the dinner table. When designing for the kitchen important things to keep in mind are cabinets, the kitchen tops, sink, floor and the appliances that will go into different parts of the kitchen.

Kitchen Appliances:

Before, starting the kitchen design it is therefore important to sit with the homeowners to find out the different appliances that they plan to equip their kitchen with. The kitchen range, oven, microwave and refrigerator are some of the big appliances that will need fixed locations and won’t be moved often. The kitchen cabinets have to be designed around these appliances so they are incorporated into the overall kitchen design.

Apart from the above food processors, coffee makers, water dispensers and toasters are some of the smaller appliances that family might make use of everyday. Not only do these items have to be easily accessible but the kitchen should have enough locations to put them away out of sight after use. A flip cabinet door is ideal for hiding these small appliances. Providing electrical outlets allows the items to be used in place and once the work is done, the flip door is closed and items are hidden.

Kitchen Cabinets:

The cabinets have to be designed to be easily accessible and should provide for storing all sorts of pots and pans, plates and cutlery, food items, boxes and cans, spices, paper towels and much more. Having lots of cabinets allows every item to be put away out of sight when not in use giving the kitchen a clean and well-kept look.

You don’t always have to keep things hidden. If you are proud of your china and cutlery you can display them in open shelves or cabinets with plain glass doors. This forces you to keep things in order and in place. Also, having a couple of open shelves for storing big and odd sized products may be advisable. These can be worked into the overall kitchen and cabinet design or better still having an island in the kitchen with shelves or space at the bottom will allow such items to be stored with ease without in any way impacting the overall design.

White and off-white are the usual colors picked for kitchen cabinets but, there is no restriction you can always pick a color of your choice. To reach the higher shelves a step ladder can be designed to move along a railing with hooks or standalone piece will also do the job very well.

Kitchen Counter Top:

The kitchen counter top is available in a variety of materials and designs. It is an important part of the kitchen design. You will need a large work area for cooking your meals and cutting your veggies and meats. Stone, marble or granite tops are popular as counter tops. Pick one that matches your kitchen’s general look and feel. Some materials stain easily, so, keep that in mind when choosing. Tops made of porous materials will easily absorb juices and grease from different types of foods. So, choose a top that is solid and can be cleaned easily after use.

Kitchen Sinks:

Kitchen sinks is another area that needs care and consideration in kitchen design. It needs to be cleaned after every use and should not have any nooks and crevices for germs and bacteria to grow. A smooth and curved sink is ideal; it should also be able to accommodate a few large pots and pans. Another option is to have a shallow sink with a tall tap to accommodate the pots under the faucet. Stone, steel and ceramic are just a few options available in kitchen sinks.

Kitchen Floors:

Non-slippery and grease resistant floors are ideal for kitchens. Kitchen flooring is available in different colors and shades and it is perfectly possible to match your kitchen design and the decor with your flooring. Terracotta, cork, marble, granite, vinyl, laminates and tiles are a few flooring options for beautiful kitchen floors.

Kitchen Backsplashes:

Backsplashes not only help keep the kitchen stain free but also help add a dash of drama and color to the kitchen. Beautiful tiles in attractive colors and designs help the kitchen to instantly perk up. Glass tiles are the entire latest craze and make great style statements in the kitchen.

Kitchen Colors:

White is the usual color chosen, but that is no longer the case. You can choose warm tones in yellows and oranges. Creams and browns also go well in the kitchen. Blues and greys are another choice. The color choice also depends on whether the kitchen design layout is an open kitchen or a closed one.

An open kitchen design is one with no restricting walls. The living, dining and cooking areas merge seamlessly allowing interaction between the person cooking and the rest of the family or guests. Open kitchens are now the norm and with some sort of a bar or dining area in between where food and drinks are served.

You can always take help from online kitchen design website or kitchen design software to plan your ideal kitchen. There are several companies that offer their design software for free and it is easy and simple to create different layouts and find one that is ideal for you.

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