Green Energy – For Sustaninable And Better Future

Green energy is defined as naturally available energy processes that when exploited produces power with little pollution. A range of processes qualify as green power including wind power, solar power, geothermal power, small hydel- plants, biomass, wave power, geo-thermal power and some nuclear power which is produced without any harmful bye-products. A little pollution is acceptable when burning green energy fuels.

It would be great to have a green energy that is sustainable, renewable and does not emit harmful greenhouse gases. The greenhouse gases are responsible for the warming up of the earth, making the ozone hole bigger and the consequent changes in climate and melting of the ice caps. Today, we live in dangerous times as further damage to earth will make it completely unsuitable for life for our grandchildren and their children. It’s not a legacy that we should leave behind. We inherited a beautiful planet from our ancestors and it is our duty to pass it on to our future generations in a similar state.

Already, the rapid pace of changes in every sphere of life has taken its toll on plant and animal life. Many species have completely disappeared and the many more are on the watch list of the endangered species. Using green energy is one of the ways to reduce the ill-effects of burning fossil fuels for our everyday needs. Green energies have several advantages which makes them highly suitable for our needs


Most types of green energy are renewable. Sun, Wind, Ocean Waves, Geo-thermal, Hydro-power are all readily available and are not lost once you use them. In contrast take fossil fuels once they are burnt they give out harmful gases and by-products which pollute the earth and they are gone forever. The rate at which we are burning up these natural resources they won’t last very long. It is estimated that we will run out most of our oil reserves in a few decades but before that day comes their burning would have done incalculable damage to Mother Nature.


Burning fossil fuels is not sustainable as it seriously impairs the needs of future generations while meeting ours for the short term. Also, as it damages the earth due to emission of gases like carbon-di-oxide it makes life itself difficult for our kids. In limited quantities the harmful effects can be reversed as Nature has way of healing and restoring itself. But, when the disease assumes cancerous proportions even Nature is rather helpless. If we stop burning all fossil fuels completely today and let Nature take time to heal her than maybe in another 50 years the Earth will get back to its old state. Some changes though are irreversible and we don’t know what impact they will have. Like some species have been lost forever. The melting of ice caps cannot be reversed. Some eco-systems like coral reefs which take thousands of years are gone and will not come back in a hurry.

Green energy on the other hand is sustainable. Just because we draw power from sunlight and wind is not going to impact our future generations from doing the same. They also will be able to draw energy from the same sources which are the reason why they are termed sustainable.


Developing efficient technologies that helps make better use of our energy resources and extra better efficiencies out of the fuels themselves are also considered green technologies. Every small innovation adds and helps make the earth a better place.

Green energies by definition are a subset of renewable energies. Green energy can be polluting as long as its impact is short-term and allows for nature to heal. We should remember that no energy whether conventional, green, sustainable or renewable has certain impact. It is the scale of impact and the time-frame of it that needs to be studied and suitable measures taken to reduce the ill-effects. Constant innovation and research help in making green energy sustainable, renewable and highly energy efficient.

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