Green Energy Franchise – Innovative Models of the Future

What is a green energy franchise? The words “energy company” conjure up the image of a global oil conglomerate like Exxon or a regional power utility that supplies your town or city with conventional energy through power lines. But the green energy revolution is well and truly upon us, and green energy franchise operations are cropping up everywhere.

It’s like living through the exciting period of innovation and development in mobile technology. The explosion of green energy franchise operations and green technology has given birth to a stunning (and often confusing) array of start ups with big dreams and ambitions. Clean, renewable energy businesses are coming out with ground-breaking products and services that will totally revamp the way we think about power and consume energy in the future.

What’s amazing is that green energy franchise growth has come in the face of the deepest economic recession in decades! Part of the reason may be the funding from federal sources to the tune of 96 BILLION dollars over the last 10 years that sped and encouraged the research and development leading to green energy franchises.

If you’re stopped and asked today to list the top green energy franchise businesses, you’d be hard pressed to come up with a short list. Let’s look at some of the up and coming green energy business operations you’ve probably never heard about before – but soon will. These are technologies that have started to gain traction. They have innovative products, services and business models. And these green energy franchise operations have secured meaningful venture capital funding to fuel their growth ahead.

Clean Diesel Power

Achates Power in San Diego is soon licencing a diesel engine to auto manufacturers. What’s unique about Achates’ engine is that while traditional engines have one piston per cylinder, the clean-burning diesel engine has two. This makes the engine far more powerful, without occupying proportionately more space. The mileage of vehicles is also boosted to 100 miles per gallon, making this among the most effective green fuel innovations in recent times.

Geothermal Energy

Another green energy franchise is carrying out boring operations across the U.S., digging wells that are as much as 4 miles deep! Why such deep wells? AltaRock Energy is trying to harness geothermal energy from anywhere in the country, not only in volcanic activity-prone parts of it. The toughest hurdle to get around is whether they can drill in seismologically active parts of the world without provoking earthquakes.

Fuel Conversion

A green energy franchise that extracts oil-laden sludge filtered out of sewage systems, industrial waste and poulty/meat processing factories and then converts it into odorless diesel is BioFuel Box. What’s amazing is how this company can manage the complex task with a portable micro-refinery loaded on the back of a truck! Imagine potato peel turned into bio-fuel – that’s the potential of this renewable energy business.

Green energy franchises are doing all these innovative things and more. Green energy business is set for a massive boom, and this is a truly exciting space to watch and benefit from.

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