Solar Energy – How To Quickly and Easily Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Switching to Solar Energy Can Make A Difference:

Are you worried about global warming, climate change, burning fossil fuels and carbon footprint you are leaving behind due to your various activities? You have every reason to be concerned about the well-being of the planet and you should take every effort to make the Earth a cleaner and greener place.

It is your duty to leave behind the Earth a better place for your future generations. We inherited a green, clean and beautiful earth from our forefathers and our children and their children deserve to enjoy it as it was before all the pollution destroyed it.

How can we use Solar Energy To Make Difference?

Instead of conventional(read polluting) energy sources go for green and abundant clean energies like solar energy, wind energy or geo-thermal energy. There are several solar energy companies today generating solar power in large scale. Here we will share a few solar energy facts and some simple but effective ways to reduce your carbon footprint and make your home environment friendly.


    1. Install a solar water heater to get hot water supply for free. In just 3 years time you will recover the initial set-up cost and save hundreds of dollars and energy every year after that.


    1. If you have a swimming pool then a solar heated pool will save you a ton of money in heating costs over the years and also you can have a longer swimming season. You don’t have to worry about using costly electricity to heat your pool. You will be using natural sunlight to heat it with the help of solar panels.


    1. Reduce your power usage by switching off unnecessary lights and fans. Switch off TV, music systems, computers, laptops, battery chargers and electronic items not in use at the plug point. Power saved is money saved and you also reduce your carbon footprint.


    1. If powering your entire home with solar power is not an option then use it for small parts of your home like the drive, the garage, the porch or outside lighting. If you have a farm or garden then use creative ways to use solar energy to operate the sprinklers and water the lawns, use farm machinery and lighting the barn.


    1. You can install solar panels and generate your own electricity and gradually replace using conventional energy from the your town’s power grid. You can do the solar panels yourself if you are handy with tools and get a professional to help connect the panels wiring with your mains. This whole project can be finished over a couple of weekends. Once installed the solar energy cost of generating electricity is nil.


    1. Reduce your thermostat setting by one or two degree, wear an extra layer of warm clothing, reduce your air conditioning usage when the weather is good, just open the windows and let the natural cool air to cool your home. During day time use the natural light of the sun instead of switching on the lights.


    1. Look for hybrid options where you can switch between conventional and renewable energy sources which will considerably lessen your dependence on fossil fuels.


Armed with the above solar energy information you can reduce your carbon footprint. Changing over to solar energy has several advantages not to just to the environment but also to your wallet in the long run.

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