Residential Solar Power – 10 Tips To Get Quality Solar Panels Without Getting Ripped Off!

For residential solar power your need solar power panels, batteries to store power and allow uninterrupted supply and the the inverter, which takes that power and makes it more suitable for our home needs.

Inverter and batteries are standard and available in the market for standard prices. Inverter converts solar power to voltage that can be used in your home and the batteries are used to store excess energy. When the sun is down or the day is cloudy your batteries will provide power using the battery backup. So buy enough battery bank to last a few days in case of bad weather for your residential solar power.

1. Calculate you monthly consumption of power from your old energy bills. With this information you know how much residential solar power you need to generate from the panels. The more energy you need the more solar panels you need to install.

2. If you have lots of space then you buy the low cost solar panels with low efficiency ratings and install more panels to get the residential solar power you need. On the other hand if space is a real problem then you will need efficient but expensive solar panels that will occupy lesser space. As solar power is generated from sunlight and that is totally free efficiency is not a big deal.

3. Look at the wattage or amperage of a solar panel. This shows the power that each of the home solar panels can generate. With this information and the information about the need for residential solar power you can calculate the number of solar panels you will need. As explained earlier you can go for the cheaper variants with low efficiency as solar energy is absolutely free.

4. Before you buy visit local hardware stores and supermarkets. When new models arrive stores usually want to move out the older space occupying models. So, they offers deals on residential solar power panels. You can get them for a lower than marked price and the quality will not be much different. There are different types of panels like monocrystalline and polycrystalline PV cells. The monocrystalline panels are expensive as they are more efficient.

5. Solar technology is evolving so fast that newer models are always coming out. Browse through home improvement magazines to get offers on any new models for your residential solar power. You can browse the internet too to find the best deals.

6. Better to buy your solar panels from a reputed maker for making residential solar power. They should have proper energy certification and energy star ratings and you will be safe from spurious stuff or goods which fall apart after a few months of use. Branded panels will be little more expensive option but in return you will get quality goods.

7. Home solar panels produce a tiny amount of voltage which is not important as the inverter will convert that right up to the voltage used in our homes. So, buy panels that are of reasonable quality but low-priced for your residential solar power.

8. Solar technology is constantly improving as developed countries focus more on building alternative energy. They offer several tax benefits for citizens going in for residential solar power.

9. Cheap and best way to save on solar energy is to build your own solar energy panels. The cost of building solar panels generally ranges between $100 and $200. Homemade solar panels have nearly the same efficiency as store-bought panels for a fraction of the price. Just buy good quality raw materials to build panels for the residential solar power project.

Those tips can save you ton of money when shopping for quality solar panels.

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