Solar Energy Savings – A Few Facts To Set Matters Straight

How do explain solar energy savings? There are so many misconceptions about solar energy that it’s time we set some things straight.

Here are some misconceptions you would have heard of:

– Solar energy is expensive.

– Solar power can be generated only in deserts and hot countries

– Only the scientific community knows how to produce electricity from sunlight and that it’s only application is in space to power the satellites and space stations

Those are just a few of the myths about solar energy. Now for the facts and the truth.

Misconception No. 1 : Solar Energy Is Expensive

Your solar energy savings can start right at the installation stage. Solar panels are expensive if you buy the top of the line panels but that isn’t necessary. Also, if you want to buy off the shelf/customized systems that will be installed by solar power professionals you costs will work out to $20,000 dollars or more. At those prices you will take years to recoup your investment in solar energy savings on electricity bills.

You could do this at one tenth of that cost and you won’t lose out on the quality or the efficiency of producing electricity. A simple DIY guide or a step-by-step video tutorial to build solar panels is a sufficient starting point. You can install solar panels for your home’s energy needs for about $200 dollars or less with one day’s labor thrown in. With that investment you will recoup your initial investment in less than 3 months time and your solar energy savings will accumulate and give you free power for many years to come.

Your home solar energy project will pay for itself many times over in the course of its useful life 25 years or more. Many utility companies will even allow a resident connection to the grid and can pull some of your excess energy units from the cheap solar panels you built, netting you a small energy credit or even a bit of a profit from your solar installation. This system is called net metering and is available in many states. Your solar energy savings will be substantial if you are able to sell excess power back to the grid.

Misconception No. 2 : Only Deserts And Hot Places Can Generate Solar Power

The photovolataic cells convert sunlight into tiny amounts of electricity. All you need is sunlight however weak it might be to generate solar power and solar energy savings. Yes, you can generate more power in the deserts and countries with more sunlight hours. The technology that uses solar heat to generate power is different from photovolatic cells using sunlight. So, there is absolutely no credibility to the statement that you need hot sunlight such as what you see in deserts to generate electric power.

Misconception No. 3 : Solar Energy Is The Domain Of The Scientific Community And That It’s Only Application Is In Space To Power The Satellites And Space Stations

Building solar panels is not rocket science. You don’t need any skills or technical know-how. You don’t need any training. Just about anyone can do it. A few tools, a step-by-step instruction guide and a few hours of your time is all it will take. Yes, they are widely used in space because the solar panels are long-lasting and light weight and this keeps the satellites running for several years. No expensive or bulky energy packs needed from earth.

Solar Energy Savings Through Hundreds Of Applications:

On earth there are hundreds of applications for solar power including the most important for heating water and to power your homes.

For example simple solar power DIY kits are available which include the panel, the electronics, instructions, and all the wiring you need to get started. The kit could power a little stereo, light, and charging your phone down at the boathouse or out in the bars, You’ll need a screwdriver, the ability to follow instructions, and a sunny place for the panel. Many of the kits start at less than $100 and for $500 you can get a nice little system and expand it later.

Other examples include solar garden lights, security lights, and area lights which now come completely integrated with panel, battery, electronic eye, and lights for less than $50. Installation is easy too. So whether you are trying to put some accent lights in your garden, shed some light in your tool shed, or trying to brighten those dark steps, lights powered by the sun are a great alternative. Solar energy savings from each of these applications will add up and give you nice saving over the course of a year. These systems once installed last for several years so, your solar energy savings will be ongoing.

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