Residential Home Solar Panels – 6 Crucial Points To Consider Before Buying Residential Solar Panel Kits

Want to know how to buy residential solar panels to generate electricity?

Then you have come to the right place. Here we will discuss important points to be considered before buying solar panels and how much they will cost.

Residential solar panel installation cost is largely dependent on the size and design of the residential solar power system you build. Naturally, bigger panels will require more materials to make them. Rooftop panels will take more resources to install than simple backyard solar panels. Either way, the cost of building your own residential solar panels will be only a fraction of the money it would take to buy them ready made and getting them installed using professionals.

As you know there are great benefits to generating solar energy for your domestic, farm or industrial needs as the residential solar power generated is completely free. Some people are using a combination of solar power and residential wind power for all their energy needs. Wind turbines are needed to generate wind power and to generate solar power you will need solar panels or solar shingles. These panels or shingles contain a series of solar cells which traps sun’s heat and convert it to tiny amounts of electricity. A number of solar cells are connected in a series in a solar panel. When a number of panels are connected together you get enough energy to power many of our residential power needs.

While shopping for residential solar panels consider these:


Solar panels have different efficiency rates. Better efficient panels convert more light into energy but they are more expensive. If space is a constraint then go for the more efficient panels as then you will need lesser number of panels. For this the highly-efficient mono-crystalline solar cells are suggested.

Efficiency is not a big factor as far solar power is concerned. Solar energy is a freely available resource and you don’t have to pay more money just for increased efficiency if you have the space. Complete residential solar panel kits are available both online and offline.


The thin film solar panels are flexible and adaptable. They are useful because they can be molded into shapes. If flexibility is important then you can opt for these panels and forego efficiency. Use thin-film amorphous cells for areas with partial shading.

Strong And Sturdy Mounts

Look for mounts that are certified to withstand cyclones and wind storms. The residential solar panels will be mounted on these mounts.

Efficient Converter

Buy a sine wave converter to prevent the wastage of DC electricity and ensure full efficiency of the residential solar power.

DIY Guide

You can build your own solar panels with some handy tools and a few spare hours. Get a dIY guide or or a video tutorial. With the step-by-step instructions you can have your solar panels ready in one weekend or two if you want to it more leisurely. Many people have built their own solar power panels over a weekend and save many thousand dollars in the process. A professional can charge $20000 dollars or more for this. You can build your solar panels for as little as $200.

Only word of caution get a professional to connect the final wiring from the solar panels to the mains. Don’t do this yourself unless you are certified electrician. You don’t want to damage yourself or your current electrical system by doing this yourself.


Your home made solar energy panel can be just as effective as a branded panels like first solar bought from a store like home depot or ordered online. Also, you can get them for a fraction of the cost of professionally installed system. The cost of residential solar panels is easily offset by electricity savings within a few months.

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