Solar Panels Cost – An Overview Of Cost Of Installing Solar Panels At Home

Why Solar Panels Cost Is No Longer A Major Factor?

Solar panels cost was high a few decades ago. The technology was in the nascent stages and not widely adopted. As technology advanced and more people adopted this technology the costs have steadily come down for the various components used to generate solar power for home use.

Solar power and wind power unlike coal or gas-based power plants can be generated right in our homes and stored in batteries to be used when needed. A solar panel trap’s sun’s light and transforms it into electricity. A series of panels are used to generate enough energy. This is then fed into the mains of the household electric supply to power the various electronic and electrical items at home.

Solar energy is available to us in unlimited quantities from the Sun but is a vastly under utilized resource as a power source. This is mainly because we lacked the technology to tap sun’s heat cheaply and convert it to usable electricity. This prohibitive initial high solar panels cost made solar power highly expensive for most uses. Until now, that is.

Solar energy is no longer expensive. Installing solar energy system to generate electricity at home is expensive only if you go to a professional. It can cost you more than $20,000 dollars to buy the solar panels and for a professional installation. At such high costs you will naturally take several years to recoup the initial investment.

Go DIY To Reduce Solar Panels Cost

But, that need not deter you. The same type of solar panels for home use can be done at one tenth of that cost and you won’t lose out on the quality or the efficiency. All you need is a DIY guide or a step-by-step video tutorial to build solar panels. Solar panels cost for home use can be bought for less $200 dollars.

A home solar energy system needs solar panels, batteries to store power and allow uninterrupted supply and a inverter, which takes that power and makes it more suitable for our home needs. Inverter and batteries are pretty standard and available in the market for standard prices. Inverter converts solar power to voltage that can be used in your home and the batteries are used to store excess energy. When the sun is down or the day is cloudy your batteries will provide you the power backup. So buy enough battery bank to last a few days in case of bad weather.

Just browse through the Internet for solar panels or go through renewable energy magazines and you will find the various options open to you. Look for solar cells for sale or clearance sales for solar panels. Many stores online and offline have solar panels for sale at certain times of the year. Solar panels prices will be pretty cheap at these sales. Keep looking for such opportunities as your solar panels cost will come down drastically.

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