Home Solar Energy – How To Use Solar Power To Heat Your Swimming Pool And Not Spend A Ton Of Money On Heating Costs

Home Solar Energy To Heat Swimming Pools:

If you have a swimming pool, then you must know by now that is no fun to swim when it is too cold. So, your pool is left unused in the long winter months or you need to heat the water to make it comfortable enough for you to swim. But the cost of heating a whole pool of water is exorbitant if you use regular electricity. Those who don’t have access to home solar energy or home wind energy simply don’t use the pool during winter.

It’s a waste of your valuable investment if you can’t use it during the long winter months. There is a way to extend your swimming season without adding to your electricity bills. Perhaps the best solution for keeping your pool comfortably warm without spending an arm and a leg are solar pool heaters. Drawing power from home solar energy systems or using radiant energy from the sun, the solar water heaters are a cost-effective way to take the chill off the water and keep your swimming pool comfortable to swim in.

Home depot solar energy systems has some low cost solar panel heaters which can become a good investments for any home owner with a pool to maintain. You can try other brands too to reduce your home solar energy cost. These heaters will help regulate temperatures so your water will not be as vulnerable to external factors and temperature swings.

Paying a huge amount of your hard earned money to heat a giant puddle in your back yard is not only impractical but foolhardy- especially when you have an endless supply of heat in the form of solar power just waiting to be harnessed.

Indoor swimming pools would allow lesser heat to escape since they are closed. But an outdoor pool has an advantage of Sun’s direct heat. Outdoor swimming pools gets additional benefit from the heat that is naturally produced in the water due to the sun’s rays hitting the water. There is some natural heat produced in the water because of the direct contact with sunshine which goes a long way in conserving energy and reducing the amount of home solar energy required to heat up the pool to the temperature required. Outdoor swimming pools work better with residential solar energy powered pool heaters.

Having heated pools will let you enjoy a longer swimming season without worrying about high utility bills. Swimming pool solar heating systems are well able to sustain the warmth of a large volume of water on a daily basis, and are quite capable of keeping the pool temperature at 80 to 85 degrees even in moderate climates.

D-I-Y Home Solar Energy

You can save even more money by installing a do-it-yourself home solar energy system for your pool. The solar panels in your system will produce electricity that will be routed to a bank of batteries where it will be stored until it is needed.

You can find ton of manuals and materials on the Internet that explain how solar power functions. They will also give you step-by-step instructions to guide you in constructing your own solar power system, including blueprints for the solar panels and diagrams and instructions for all the possible configurations for your system. The material that you will need for your solar power system is easy to find online or at a local hardware store.

Just follow the instructions and you should have you own home solar energy heated pool in a few days and for a fraction of the cost you will spend by using professionals.

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