Heatilator Electric Fireplaces – What’s Behind Their Appeal?

Heatilator electric fireplaces are a desirable option to many home-owners seeking a heating solution for their living rooms because they are simple, easy and relatively inexpensive. With electric fireplaces, you no longer have to route any gas lines differently, alter the ventilation of your building or take a lot of trouble with installation of Heatilator electric fireplace inserts.

This model of heating device has taken over a large share of the market by storm. In contrast with wood burning fireplaces and gas fireplaces, these Heatilator electric fireplaces get started by the simple act of flicking on a switch. There’s a fire in the hearth almost instantly.

With wood burning fireplaces, you have to chop and haul wood, store in safe from damp and wetness, and spend time kindling it to get a nice fire going. It takes time and trouble. No longer do you have any of these worries when you install Heatilator electric fireplaces at home. Better still, there’s a built-in circulation system which ensures that a lot of the heat is distributed nicely around the room.

How does a Heatilator electric fireplace work? Like most other models, the Heatilator electric fireplaces hearth relies on heat generated by an electric coil. This is then distributed through convection by a circulating system that spreads the warmth uniformly across the room. With some designer electric fireplaces, you can even get the simulation of an actual fire burning in the hearth by an arrangement of electric lights or fiberoptics.

There are some things you can do to make sure you don’t get gypped when you install Heatilator electric fireplaces. Make sure that the unit you’re buying is a high quality one. Look for labels that indicate the unit has been tested to meet UL safety guidelines. Ensure also that the model is compatible with what you have at home. Otherwise you may end up spending a fortune getting your designer electric fireplace to fit into your existing fireplace space.

Look for manufacturer’s warranty. While being able to have the unit covered for life is idea, you should not settle for anything under 20 years warranty, and most manufacturers offer such cover. Heatilator electric fireplaces hearths come in a range of designs and styles, with several accessories including doors, circulating devices, chimney adaptors and more.

The last thing you should make sure of before ordering is whether you can get the Heatilator electric fireplaces installed in your home by professionals. Usually this is not very expensive, but make sure in advance to avoid surprises. By following these guidelines, you’ll be able to make your Heatilator electric fireplace installation as easy and hassle-free as many thousand other home owners.

This simplicity, inexpensiveness and ease of set up are what make Heatilator electric fireplaces a preferred choice by many savvy home owners.

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