Window Shutter Designs – Choose A Sophisticated Or Simple Design For Added Elegance And Security

There are so many choices in window shutter designs that it is sometimes difficult on deciding on one. Shutters serve several purposes. In good weather if you keep the shutters open you get natural air and sunlight. During bad weather closing it keeps the chill and heat out. By keeping them securely closed you keep the unwanted and undesirable elements out. That means added security for your home. Choose between interior or exterior shutters depending on the design aspects of your home. Exterior shutters are mounted on the outer side of the window. While interior shutters are fixed on the inner side of the window. This can be space consuming and you can’t use the window sill for display or any other purpose.

The most popular window shutter designs in America and Europe are the plantation shutters. Also, known as louvered shutters these are a cost effective way to makes homes look chic and secure at the same time. These shutters have slats which can be adjusted to control the entry of light and air into the room. If you mount the plantation shutters on the interior you don’t need to have additional window treatment with curtains and blinds. Add a valance and your window will look great. White plantation shutters are the most sought after shutters by many home owners. Adding these can actually increase the value of your home if you are considering selling your home at a later date.

Other designs in window shutters include simple wooden shutters in elegant shapes and sizes. In many parts of the world, the wooden shutters are used to keep the elements at bay. The wood is a naturally insulating material and keeps the home warm in winters and cool in summers when shut. Usually mounted outside the home the elegance of sturdy wooden boards is unmatched as it gives homes the old world look particularly when combined with those big iron hinges and bolts.

A window shutter design that is popular around the world is the plain glass windows mounted on wooden frames. Combined with elegant window treatment options this type of window shutters give the people in home an unfettered view of the outside world. Using Bali blinds or curtains you can get the required privacy when needed. These are simple window shutter designs and don’t cost much as the wood used is just for the frame. There is a security risk with this type of window design as there is no physical barrier when the window is open. They need to be fastened securely at nights and when no one is around.

Roller shutters, collapsible window shutters are some more window shutter design ideas. The roller shutters takes up less space as it rolls up to the top. This is preferred when not much space is available in the interior or exterior of the window. Another space saving option is the collapsible shutter that can be stowed on either side. To prevent damage during storms and hurricanes you have storm shutters and hurricane shutters. This are fixed on top of regular shutters and can be removed once the emergency passes. The above are just a few of window shutter designs that you can choose from when designing your home.

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