Kitchen Decor – Dress Up Your Kitchen In A Style Of Your Choice

Kitchen decor is entirely a matter of the person’s taste and choice. Each homeowner has a different idea when it comes to doing up the kitchen. Some like rustic styles, some like the cosmopolitan look and still others like a simple and attractive style that is functional. If kitchens are meant to be used as kitchen then they should be practical and functional.

You might have the best looking kitchen in the world but when you set out to cook a meal you have to really struggle to reach for the ingredients which are attractively stacked in a corner of the kitchen or have to go digging for pots and pans that are stored in the deep recesses of cupboards then that isn’t the best of kitchen designs. Inefficiently planned kitchen leads to lot of wasted effort and a very frustrated chef. The needs of the cook need to be kept in mind for maximum efficiency. Kitchen decor is more about how you dress up the kitchen once it designed and the basic framework is put in place.

Decor Based On Style:

Sophisticated And Modern

Kitchen decor can be elegant, formal and sophisticated reflecting your modern sensibilities. This sophisticated kitchen will be all clean lines and contoured edges. Clear glass and stainless steel are two favorite materials preferred in such kitchens. The appliances and the cabinets and countertops will be all reflect a quiet elegance no unnecessary flamboyance. There is not much color in such kitchens which are all business-like. Looking at them you often wonder whether meals are ever cooked in these places. But, it need not be only about looks. Such kitchens are also highly functional and easy to maintain. Even though the kitchen looks cold and edgy, it in fact can be a very nice place for your family to gather and have fun. Add a dash of color by putting some flower in a vase and your children’s crayons work on the fridge. Add a colorful picture or mural on one wall and you have added a personal touch to the kitchen.


Kitchen decor can be all rustic charm with the bells and whistles of a rural farmhouse kitchen. Of course your kitchen will be equipped with the all latest gadgets and appliances only the decor will reflect the simple style of the past. This kitchen decor style is all exaggerated with bold colors, ruffles and curves. If any piece can be dressed up with some designs and curves then this kitchen will not miss them. Flowers in vases will bring outdoors into your kitchen. This style is warm, sunny and ideal for families with young and growing children. If you want to keep the fuss of maintaining the kitchen to a minimum then avoid too many decorative elements. Instead opt for an underprepared look like an unpainted center table. This takes the focus away from a bit of clutter in the kitchen.


Traditional kitchens have wooden cabinets in teak finish or the classic white finish. The counter tops are stone or granite or marble. Some have wooden counter tops. These kitchens are homely and inviting. The decor is traditional nothing over the top or flamboyant. The windows are large and framed by lace curtains. Bathed in soft and warm earthy tones, this type of kitchen is found in most homes. The classic white or off-white kitchens are simple and beautiful.

Match your appliances and storage containers to your kitchen style. There are several stores selling handmade and

unique products that enhance your kitchen’s appeal. Pick a variety of serving dishes, cutlery, plates and china in either style that matches your kitchen or offers a deep contrast to the room around you.

The kitchen windows can be dressed in blinds, shades or curtains. Else, just leave it bare. Window dressing should be fire proof and should be safe to use in the kitchen. A window placed far away from the stove top works best if you plan to have window dressing. Buy beautiful handles and knobs for your kitchen cabinets and drawers to make an immediate impression. Sometimes, just replacing this gives the kitchen a new improved look.

Keep your best china and plates in open shelves or cabinets with glass doors in the kitchen. This makes the kitchen look attractive and at the same time draws the eyes of the visitors to the better parts of the kitchen. An eye-catching picture is a valuable addition to the kitchen decor. The painting or picture can be part of a kitchen cabinet door if you don’t have a wall to spare for art.

Decor Based On Color

The kitchen is the place where memories are made. It is the place where a mom lovingly makes meals for her family and where families eat and share their stories after a day at office or school. This is the one room to which children naturally gravitate to. So, dress up your kitchen in the color you love. If dark navy blue and warm sunshine yellow are your colors then go for it. Paints your walls in blue and yellow, go for a dark blue backsplash, choose your cabinets in bright yellows and all your serving bowls and other kitchen stuff in suitable bright colors like reds and greens. There is absolutely no restriction on the color to choose for your kitchen. Greens, blues, oranges, reds and greys all look good in kitchen. Just keep in mind to match the kitchen decor with the rest of the house too.

Having a kitchen that opens out into dining and entertaining area with physical barriers makes it one continuous space and it’s a challenge to match all these parts into a seamless whole at the same time by subtle differences mark out the different areas as kitchen, dining and living area. The arrangements of the furniture, carpeting differences, the placement of pictures on the walls all help define the rooms. Kitchen decor need to be restricted to the kitchen you can carry the theme to your dining and living room too.

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