4 Kinds of Vertical Blinds – And Which One Is Best For Your Home

Looking out for an upgradation of your vertical blinds or curtains? Vertical blinds might turn out as a good option for you. There are wide ranges of colors and finishes from which you can choose to fulfill your needs. The advantage of vertical blinds over traditional blinds is that they are easy to maintain and clean and they give excellent light control and good insulation. As you start researching, take into consideration the below mentioned types of vertical blinds.

PVC Vertical Blinds

The most commonly used material for vertical blinds is PVC. It is offered in both smooth and textured variety. The smooth type is the easiest to clean of all the other types of vertical blinds. Excellent light control is what PVC provides, and it is usually cheap and perfect as far as sliding glass doors are concerned.

Textured PVC provides a buyer lovely patterns, and it seems to look like a fabric vertical blind at a fraction of the cost. If you are looking for something cheap, watch out for the PVC vertical blinds.

Wood Finish Vertical Blinds

Wood or faux wood would be a better choice if you want a warmer look for vertical blinds. These are durable, and give your room a classy look. Wood vertical blinds can be found in various forms to match your current furniture or wood floor. Genuine vertical blinds from wood are more expensive than PVC.

Fabric Vertical Blinds

If, in your room, you want privacy along with filtered light, then fabric vertical blinds is what you should choose. Fabric vertical blinds will not allow the UV rays to affect your floor, furniture and paintings, and at the same time, they will let the filtered light through. You can choose from any pattern and colors that are available.

One more advantage of fabric vertical blinds is that they are quieter than traditional vertical blinds. PVC backing can be used to upgrade fabric blinds. This will give the room the darkening benefit that PVC provides. With the help of PVC, curtains will close more nearby together, which will increase the insulation in turn.

Specialty Vertical Blinds

For a custom look, you will need vertical blinds in several mirrored finishes and metallic forms. Metallic finishes are available in silver and gold.

If you are looking for warmth of the wood blinds or the elegant look of fabric blinds, a vertical blind will be the best choice, especially for sliding doors. List the features you would like to have, and then compare with all the available brands so that you get your best vertical blind. If you would be careful, chances are there that you may get discounts on vertical blinds.

Vertical blinds come in plenty of colors, styles and sizes that can be tailored to fit any window. They are neater compared to traditional curtains as they are compact when drawn back. Also, they are very easy to clean. There are so many benefits of using vertical blinds,s and still it is hard to believe that many do not have them at their homes.

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