Why Do You Need To Buy Made To Measure Blinds?

Made to measure blinds are a great way to control the amount of light entering a room.

Certain rooms of the house need minimum amount of light and it is not possible to get completely dark rooms with just heavy curtains or draperies. But with black out blinds that are completely opaque you can cut out the light and make it as dark as possible.

Why do you need blackout blinds? Shouldn’t rooms be bright and sunny? That’s a valid point.

But, you don’t want bright rooms late in the night. Bedrooms need to be really dark to get a good night’s rest. It is tough to sleep if there is light streaming in from street lights or a bright moon is shining outside. In certain parts of the world it remains quite bright late into the night in summers. In such situations you can’t get to sleep with it being so bright outside. It is essential to put up blinds that make the room dark.

Kid’s bedrooms are another area where too much brightness is not welcome. Have you tried putting to bed a hyper active child in a bright room? They simply won’t settle down. But in a dark room they will readily go to bed. So, to help children sleep for their mid-day naps and to put them to bed early at night blackout blinds are very useful.

A point to note here: Kids and pets have got themselves into serious life-threatening situations with blinds that come with cords. Make it a point to buy cordless blinds for all kids’ rooms. If you have corded blinds around your home then ensure that the cords from the blinds are not hanging loose or tied together and are situated at a height where kids and pets can reach them or get entangled themselves in it.

Better still get them changed into cordless one with the retrofit parts kits available in many stores online and offline.

Another room that needs blackout blinds is rooms with home theatres or movie projectors. Even small amounts of light can spoil the movie watching experience. The images being projected on the screen can’t be seen if the room is bright. Blackout blinds completely cut off all light from such rooms.

It is better to buy custom made blackout blinds whether it is vertical, roman, roller or pleated blinds. That way you can get the perfect fit for your window and there won’t be any light that filters through any gaps between the window and the blinds. You can buy made to measure blackout blinds from any online stores like Kresta, Hunter Douglas, Blinds Direct, Hillary or Bali Blinds or offline you get them at Home Depot and many others.

Made to measure blackout blinds will be expensive as the order is customized to your requirements and this take time and effort. To lower your costs you can order only made to measure blinds for windows with unique sizes and order the standard sizes for the other standard windows. If your costs are going out of your budget range then you can order curtains and drapes as window treatments in cheaper fabrics for some rooms that do not need high quality window treatment like garages, store rooms and attics. Buying them at a wholesale store reduces the costs even further.

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