Leadlight Window Designs – Stained Glass Patterns For Your Home

Leadlight window designs and stained glass window designs are traditionally referred to colored glass pieces arranged in patterns and held together by strips of lead and supported by a strong frame. While manufacturing glass metallic salts are added to get brilliantly colored pieces in red, blue, green, and orange and so on. These pieces are then crafted into intricate a pattern which is painstaking work and was mostly found in churches and monuments of old.

The stained glass windows you find in some churches are awe-inspiring. When sunlight filters through these stained pieces of glass the effect inside is almost ethereal. In the older buildings especially churches the designs are scenes from the lives of Jesus Christ and other saints.

Leadlight Window Designs Explained In Detail

For common dwellings, business houses and other places usually leadlight window designswere used. These designs are less intricate usually geometric patterns or floral patterns. These decorative window panes are a lot simpler than what was found in churches. The stained glass lets in the natural light while also giving the home privacy. This type of glass windows serves the purpose of window treatments like drapes or blinds or velvet shades.

Leadlight window designs as explained earlier are much simpler and less ornate both in design and the technique of how it is made. It is cheaper than stained glass windows which can be elaborate and complex both in theme and execution. But, in modern times these differences have somewhat blurred and both the terms leadlight and stained glass are used interchangeably.

Today, the leadlight designs are more varied. The inspiration for patterns are drawn from a variety of sources and seen in private homes and commercial buildings. The inspiration can be from nature, from plants, birds and animals, everyday life, adventurous scenes, insects or more abstract designs. The modern windows are also made with black and white patterns, velvet shades and other styles.

These windows can transform an ordinary drab corner into something extraordinary. The view of a light streaming through brightly colored peacock or a pastel colored scenery is to be seen to believe. It truly adds character to the room. They can last more than 100 years if cared for properly so, you can work out the costs to see if it works out economical for you. Even it is a little on the expensive side a stained glass window can add to the resale value of home if you are considering on selling it.

Leadlight window designs have become quite a rage in modern times. There are several glass makers who are specializing in creating beautiful windows for their customers. You can select your own pattern from several designs available online both for free or for a fee and ask your chosen specialist to make it for you. Or you can choose from the pattern and designs available with him. Choose a pattern that goes with the theme of your home or something that is inspiring or simply breath-taking to make an impact with your stained glass windows.

If you are looking for some simple patterns for all windows of your home then that should also be possible. You can make them like the leadlight designs of the old. Simple mosaics, geometric patterns, squares, rectangles, circles or floral patterns can be chosen as the leadlight window designs for your home.

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