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Kitchen Themes

Kitchen themes help design kitchen around a central idea. Instead of just putting together a non-descript kitchen which is just functional you can make use of theme or concept to make it more cohesive and upscale. A designer Italian kitchen, an asian kitchen, European style kitchen, sports based kitchen, a kitchen with flower motif as the central theme are just a few ideas that pop into mind when we think about it.

As we travel around the world and visit homes of people from different cultures we are introduced to new concepts and ideas in kitchens and homes. Some of these excite us enough to want to design our kitchen themes around one of these.

A kitchen with coffee as the theme? Interesting isn’t it?

Decorating Your Kitchen with a Coffee Theme

Decorating Your Kitchen with a Coffee ThemeIndulge in the romance and excitement of the authentic Parisian caf� bistro in your very own kitchen! Coffee themes have become extremely popular; understandably as this theme is filled with charm and art! In fact, some of the most interesting coffee themes, our Coffee House Collection for example, bring the history of art deco into the kitchen. An intriguing and growing design movement from the 1920�s and 30�s, Art Deco exudes modernism and futurism, lending elegance and functionality to interior design. In our day in age, we are constantly on the run and a coffee theme creates a perfect mood for the busy decorator; simplicity with unique style!


Artistic, modern, stimulating and soothing.


You will find a mix of warm and cool colors in a coffee theme.

Warm = Browns, reds, burgundies, and oranges.

Cool = Blues and greens.


Many coffee themes are designed with a style derived from the modernism and minimalism of Art Deco. The designs tend to be abstract and simple and the graphics provide a 1920�s mood.

When choosing from kitchen themes be sure that it is what you want for a long time. Redecorating kitchens can be done but it might be a lot more expensive if you don’t like the theme you selected. Choose an evergreen idea if possible. But, if you are heart is set on a Tuscan theme then go for it by all means.

Here are some general kitchen design and decor ideas that work for any kitchen theme.

Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Choose vibrant, “healthy” colors.

You don’t have to remodel your kitchen to give it a new look. Paint is one of the simplest and most inexpensive ways to update your kitchen. Bright, cheerful colors convey a sense of health, happiness and vitality. When choosing colors for your kitchen, keep in mind that not only is the kitchen a place to prepare and enjoy meals, it is a wonderful place to connect with your family. To stimulate conversation and openness, choose warm and “appetizing” colors like reds, yellows, oranges, and earth tones like gold, terra cotta, or coral. Read more about the meaning of colors.Keep it clean and clutter free.

Make the kitchen a place you want to be in. It should radiate a sense of health and vitality.

Organization is key.

Your kitchen design should be functional and easy to cook in with lots of storage. You will be much more inclined to prepare wholesome homemade meals if you enjoy cooking in your kitchen. A general rule of thumb is if you don’t use it every day then store it out of sight.

There are millions of ways to do up your kitchen. If you see no two kitchens are alike. Every individual has is own tastes and likes. They dress up the kitchen in the way that is most appealing to them. Kitchens are were families gather and to make it more fun choose beautiful and creative decorating ideas.

Decorating Your Kitchen

Vintage or country: For a warm, country kitchen, give your kitchen an old-fashioned feel with vintage-inspired kitchen linens, decor and appliances. For a dramatically new look, invest in some new large appliances and kitchen furniture with an old-fashioned aesthetic. A stylized new oven and range with a vintage design makes a statement in any kitchen. A farmhouse sink is another major purchase that can become the focal point of the room. Continue the country kitchen theme with a lodge-pole pine table or kitchen island with a hanging pot rack above it. Display your great grandmother’s fine china in a china hutch. Finish the look with the right kitchen accessories: from dishtowels, tablecloths and kitchen rugs decorated in vintage themes to old-fashioned dinnerware and rustic cabinet hardware.

Kitchen themes help make your kitchen unique. With an out-of-box theme your kitchen will stand-out and make people notice. A football or baseball themed kitchen would convey to the people your love for those sports. A formula one theme shows that you loving racing. You can choose a simple rustic style or a country style kitchen to convey your love for simple. Internalize your themes and make your dreams of truly spectacular kitchen come true.

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