Window Designs To Go With Your Home Architechture

Are you looking for window designs and ideas to match your home’s look? As you know a window is an opening in the wall of a home. These openings provide light and air to every part of the house. Modern methods of heating, cooling and lighting actually eliminate the need for windows. However, it would be a pity to completely do away with them. They not only serve decorative purposes but are our only outlets to the outside world and removing them will only add to the feeling of claustrophobia – the fear of being in enclosed spaces.

Windows come in diverse assortment of sizes and shapes. The usual windows are rectangular, but you will find square, circular, semi-circular shapes too. Some windows come in irregular shapes but they need to be customized. Window frames come with shutters or doors or sliding glass panes in frames. This allows you to shut them when the weather outside is bad and keep them open to let cool air and light to enter the home at other times.

Let’s Look At Some Window Designs And Ideas.

Different countries have evolved their own window designs over the course of several centuries based on the local requirements, availability of materials and local architecture. Weather, social customs and the geographic location also played a crucial role in the window designs of the past. Countries with very hot or very cold weather preferred smaller windows to keep the heat and cold out. Countries with moderate weather had larger windows to take advantage of the pleasant weather conditions, natural sunlight and breeze. In certain countries it is taboo for women to be seen by outsiders hence the windows have a lattice framework. Outsiders can’t see anything but the women of the house had a good view of the outside world. Beach homes will have large windows, while mountain cabins will have smaller windows and so on.

Modern life eliminates most of these restrictions on window designs. No longer are we dependent on nature to keep us cool or warm. The arrival of electricity means we technically don’t need sunlight to see things or run our life. You can choose to have any type of window design for your home as long as it matches your home overall look and theme.

You can go for large bay windows, elegant French Windows or whole wall picture windows that frame a view, skylights, transom windows, dormer windows, awning windows, fixed windows or stained glass windows. Modern designs are more minimalist with not many decorative aspects.

Traditional window designs are showier, with cornices and decorative aspects. Whichever design is chosen make sure it is functional and serves its stated purpose. If you want to let in only the light then you can go for fixed window designs. If you want frame a view then go for a large picture window with not distractive features. If you want a window for ventilation purpose then windows that can be opened and closed under different weather conditions are important.

Anderson Windows and Marvin Windows are two just big names in the field of window designs.

Here is a list of different types of window design ideas to choose from:

Double-hung sash window

Casing window

Awning window

Hopper window

Tilt and slide window

Transom window

Jalousie window

Clerestory window


Roof window

Roof lantern

Bay window

Oriel window

Fixed window

Picture window

Stained glass window

French window

Window with grill

Soundproof windows

Choose an elegant window treatment to go with your window designs to enhance its charm and attractiveness.

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