How To Select A Denim Sofa Slipcover To Dress Up Your Furniture

A Denim sofa slipcover is ideal to cover up an old piece of furniture that does not look the best but is still comfortable to use or to protect a new sofa from getting stained or dirty. These slipcovers are suitable for all kinds of furniture at home like the dining room chair, wooden chairs that can get chipped or scratched and for children’s tables, chairs and mattresses. It is also ideal for white wooden furniture and for an expensive mahogany, walnut or maple chaise, lounge or recliner.

Select a slipcover type

A slipcover can also help in extending the lifetime of your expensive leather designer furniture. Choosing one can be very rewarding and fulfilling experience if you love shopping. Slipcovers come in an extensive range of styles, patterns, materials, looks and designs. Choose a tight-fit formal look or a loose-fitting casual cover for the furniture at home depending on your taste. For the tight-fits, plain or striped patterns are more suitable. For the casual fits choose flowery and bright colors. Match your slipcover with either the colors of the walls or the curtains of your windows.

Buy or make it yourself

Buy a slipcover that is readily available in the market or create one on your own. If the sofa is the standard size, shape and design you should be able to find a slipcover, in the pattern, style, color, accent, design and material of your liking. Take correct measurements of your couch or loveseats or whatever furniture you are thinking of covering up. Check out the various stores selling furniture slipcovers. You might be lucky to get a great denim sofa slipcover or silk cushion covers for a discount at a big sale. Several cities like Chicago, New York, London, and Sydney, Melbourne have huge furniture and fabric outlets that have sales after Christmas.

But more often than not you won’t find what you are looking for. In such a situation you either have to make a compromise and settle for what you get or choose the tougher option of sewing a slipcover for your wing sofa. It’s not difficult but you will need time, patience and be handy with cutting and sewing. Choose materials that are easy to work with if it’s your first time.

When deciding on the fabric needed make allowances for seam and piping. Fabrics used in upholstery and curtains are 54 inches in width, regular materials are 44 inches. So, you will need more of regular fabric if you choose to work with them. When buying make allowances for piping, for aligning patterns and for the arm etc. The extra material can always be put to use to make slipcovers for a table or chair. For the underside of the slipcovered sofa cushion and parts that can’t be seen you can always buy cheap materials like muslin.

If you do choose to buy then consider a slipcover that will last a long time. Consider a denim slipcover, which is durable just like your old pair of jeans. Also, these are easily machine washable and totally childproof. They are usually available in various shades of indigo. A denim sofa slipcover will look chic and the colors will usually go with any decor.

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