Custom Slip Cover – Tips To Create Your Oversized Chair Slipcover

Are you the sort of person who goes ballistic if someone dirties your furniture or custom slip cover – and so you’d rather prefer to have an unused room that no one used because you don’t want anyone to ruin the antique sofa by sitting on it?

Fitting an oversized chair slipcover over your best overstuffed chair and settling down on it with a favorite book and a nice, long drink can be an experience that’s deeply satisfying and enjoyable. The custom slip cover is also a brilliantly economical way to turn around the look and feel of your room, adding grandeur and elegance at a tiny cost.

Everyone takes pride in the way their room and home look. We’d like to be able to invite our friends and family home, and bask in their awed expressions and exclamations of delight as they see how posh and neat your living quarters are. But at the same time, we’re torn between multiple commitments and the business of our daily routine. And furniture is costly, making frequent replacement of worn out pieces a day dream.

Oversized chair slipcovers are a quick and easy solution to this vexing problem. They can be fitted over your exsiting upholstery very quickly, and almost instantly your decade-old sofa got a face-lift, appearing modern and chic. Custom slip covers are inexpensive, and you can transform your living room – or indeed your entire home – at a fraction of the cost it will take to refurnish the household.

Your favorite sofa probably sees a lot of wear and tear. Maybe you love to watch TV or read a book on it. And what’s most used often gets stuff spilled on it, like drinks or food. And it can be annoying to clean it up and remove stains from upholstery. With an oversized chair slipcover, this no longer is a problem. Just slip off the cover and pop it into a washing machine for cleaning.

There are many different brands of oversized chair custom slipcovers like the Solid Smoke Oversized Slipcover. Made of hard-wearing fabric, this slipcover resists wear and tear. It also feels good to sit on, being soft and comfortable. If you’ve got kids of pets clambering up on chairs, then using an oversized chair slipcover can be your best solution to troublesome cleaning chores.

The trouble often is in finding a custom slipcover that fit the oversized chairs that are bigger than a regular armchair, but not quite large enough to merit being called a loveseat. What size of slipcover will fit this one? Readymade slipcovers aren’t large enough, and loveseat covers are too big.

Oversized chair slipcovers are manufactured and sold by only a small, exclusive group of vendors like Slipcover Shop whose Twill Sky design is a bestseller. You can get a choice of colors and fabric to match your furniture and decor, and the material is durable and resistant to many kinds of wear and tear. Another favorite is the Savanna floral slipcover which has a flowery pattern.

Whichever oversized chair slipcover you choose, be sure that it fits your furniture well and matches the design of your room. And by picking the right material and going with a quality vendor, your slipcovers might just end up being the best investment in furnishing your home.

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