How To Find The Best Roof Shingles

So you want the best roof shingles for your home. The trouble is that it isn’t so easy or obvious to find what really makes up the “best roof shingles”. It’s like asking what’s the best car, or the best dress, or the best flavor of ice cream. Everyone will have their own particular favorite choice for best roof shingles and often that will be conditioned by what they have used themselves – or wished they had!

When it comes to selecting roofing shingles you are spoiled for choice. You can select beautiful cedar shake shingles or even prettier architectural roof shingles, or prefer the more efficient steel shingles and slate roofing tiles. Or you may want metal roof shingles like copper, zinc or aluminum as your chosen roofing material. Which one is the best? It’s going to be a matter of opinion. And will depend upon various factors.

The Best Roof Shingles By Brand

The construction hardware store stocks many different brands. Which brands offer the best roof shingles? There’s no clear way to tell, though there are certain brands that are consistently rated higher than others by consumers. For instance, GAF, Certainteed and Tamko are excellent brand names that have lasted for many decades in the industry, receiving consistently high ratings from their loyal clients.

But even within the top brands, there are factors that will differentiate one from another and which you can use to identify the best roof shingles. Warranties are one of them. Most manufacturers will offer similar warranties for their roofing products, but look at the nuances and you’ll find some advantage in going with one over another.

The Best Roof Shingles By Type

There are many different types of roof shingles. Because your roof will last for 20 to 50 years, making a wrong decision about the kind of roofing material to use will end up becoming a costly mistake. That is why there is a lot of research involved before picking a particular type of roof shingles.

Asphalt roof shingles are the best according to millions of home owners because they are affordable, last 20 years or so, and have several advantages.

Metal roofing shingles are rated as the best for the long term by way of cost savings and energy efficiency, even though the upfront expense is higher.

Other roof shingles like architectural shingles, slate roofs and hybrids including solar panel shingles each have their proponents who claim they are the best roof shingles for a variety of reasons.

How To Choose The Best Roof Shingles?

The easiest and simplest way to select what will be the best roof shingles for your home will be by asking and answering a series of probing questions. This, incidentally, is how a good roofing contractor will go about the selection process face to face with you.

  • Will your roof be new, or overlaid over a leaky older roof?
  • Does your roof have unique and special needs, such as plenty of chimneys and vents?
  • How long a warranty do you expect for your roof shingles?
  • How long do you want your roof to last?
  • Are you looking for a maintenance free roofing system?
  • What is your budget for roof shingle installation?

All of these factors will influence the kind of roof shingles you eventually select. And as long as the one you pick fits the bill as far as your unique requirements go, then it will be the best roof shingle for your needs.

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