Aluminum Roof Shingles – All You Need To Know

Aluminum roof shingles based on a unique interlocking shingle system has been proven beyond any doubt to be a durable and efficient roofing choice, one that has lasted for well over 5 decades. What makes aluminum roof shingles superior when compared to other options? Well, there are many reasons – but the most obvious is that aluminum interlocking shingles last for over one hundred years!

Aluminum Roofing – The Advantage

Aluminum roof shingles are great for roofing. Strong and lightweight, aluminum interlocking shingles will not curl, dry out, crack, rot or break. Deterioration with age is extremely slow. Aluminum shingles will not rust or develop streaks as they age, even if the finish is scratched. Aluminum roofs are remarkably weather resistant and tolerate extremes well.

The advantages of aluminum roof shingles over other popular roofing solutions is more obvious when compared against those choices.

A Comparison of Aluminum Roof Shingles With Other Roofing Systems

Asphalt shingles are the most popular choice for roofs all over the world. But despite being installed in millions of homes and office buildings over the country, there are some significant drawbacks to asphalt roofs. The shingles are dried out by excessive heat, which they retain and transmit into the home. This boosts your energy costs for cooling, as well as increasing the chance that the roof will need maintenance or replacement every 10 years or so.

Snow and ice building up on an asphalt roof can be a significant (and expensive) problem, and using aluminum roof shingles avoids these potential issues.

Wood shingles and shake are another widely used roofing material, but one that carries an inevitable fire hazard and is likely to deteriorate over time in water, heat and radiation. By contrast aluminum roof shingles do not wear out much over the years, and are extremely fire resistant. Aluminum lock shingles do not wear out or burn like wood. This fire-proof nature of your new roof may even lower the cost of your home and fire insurance.

Another benefit to aluminum roof shingles is that the interlocking shingles will not loosen or crack and break from expansion and contraction because of temperature changes. These shingles have all the advantages of any other metal roof thanks to the technology of the interlocking mechanism.

Steel and other metal roofs have the significant drawback of retaining heat in a way that aluminum roof shingles will not. Steel and other metal roofs need a finish or coating to protect it, but aluminum shingles do not. Metal sheet roofs can loosen over time due to repeated expansion and contraction, but aluminum locking shingles do not have this risk.

Cement tiles are the last alternative option for roofing. It compares poorly against aluminum roof shingles because the tiles are heavy, undergo wear and tear over years, and can get severely damaged from the weight of ice and snow falls. One also cannot walk over them.

The Strong Case for Aluminum Roof Shingles

Aluminum lock shingles are strong enough to support your weight if you choose to walk on them. As long as the roof’s sheeting is able to bear the load, it is unlikely that people, hail or snowfall will cause any damage. The shingles are fitted directly upon tar paper and plywood sheeting. This keeps the noise inside the building to a minimum, even in heavy rain, sleet or hail.

Aluminum roof shingles are environment friendly. The shingles are manufactured from recycled metal. Older metal roofs can be torn down and the material used for recycling into new shingles, even decades later. Your aluminum roof shingles will not end up in landfills or garbage dumps!

Aluminum roof shingles carry the extra benefit that they can be installed as an overlay roof over an existing structure, without the need to tear it down. This is not possible with heavier alternatives, and could save you thousands of dollars in demolishing expenses.

Aluminum shingles of the interlocking kind are not only attached to the frame through nails, but lock on all four sides with neighboring shingles. This makes them especially secure and resistant to even heavy winds and extreme weather conditions. The nails are all covered in the interlocking, giving an aesthetically appealing look and feel to your beautiful new roof. It also protects the nails from coming loose over time.

How Do Aluminum Roof Shingles Fare Long Term?

Aluminum roof shingles are lightweight and smooth. Ice or snow does not often collect on the roof, but instead slides off. This makes it more likely that your roof will last longer and resist damage. Leaky roofs are rare with aluminum shingles, and you will be saved the hassle and danger of cleaning the roof of snow or ice.

At less than 40 pounds per 100 square feet in weight, there are few roofing options that are lighter. Aluminum roof shingles reflect light and heat, saving you money on energy consumption for heating and cooling the building. And being an environment friendly green roof solution is of appeal to some house owners.

Aluminum roof shingles are viable, effective and durable roofing systems that can easily last a century or longer. Aesthetically appealing, light weight and heat reflective, these are rapidly becoming a popular alternative for cost conscious and environment-conscious home owners.

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