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Small Bathroom Design Ideas – Small On Space, Big On Ideas

Small bathroom design ideas help you take advantage of innovative concepts to transform even small spaces available for bathrooms into more spacious and comfortable area. People living in large cities are short of space. They have to make do with small bedrooms and baths as every bit of extra space adds several thousands to the final cost of their home bill. It’s usually the kitchen and the bathroom space that is reduced as builders try to fit homes to their customer’s budgets.

It’s only when the homeowner moves into his new apartment that he is faced with the reality of using the tiny bathroom for the rest of their lives or atleast next 10-15 years. It can be a depressing thought. But for every adversity there are usually some bright spots. Designers have taken up the challenge of novel small bathroom design ideas that will make even the small bathroom appear large and extra spacious.

Let’s discuss a few small bathroom design ideas:

1. Adding a large mirror to one wall of the bathroom can instantly make the room seem double the size. This trick never ceases to amaze. Make sure it faces something substanstial like another room, a window or a bathtub. When it faces a open door, the depth of the bedroom seems to be added to the bathroom and it instantly feels much bigger. You don’t get the feeling of claustrophobia which you experience in a tiny spacy like a airplane bathroom.

2. Use the vertical spaces. The bathroom may be challenged when it comes to horizontal spaces but vertically there is a lot of space that can be utilized. Add cabinets along the entire wall above the sink and other walls. Make sure the storage are easily accessible and also at height where you won’t bang your head when getting out of the bathtub or closet. Use a small flat stool to reach the more difficult, higher cabinets.

3. A clean and neatly arranged space always looks larger. If there is a lot of clutter, the place looks smaller than it really is. So, the trick in small bathroom design ideas is to have space alloted for every thing you need in the bathroom. Racks for towels, storage cabinets for creams, soaps, toothbrushes and everything else you need. Visit a bathroom fixtures store and you will dozens of ideas to organize your bathroom.

4. Choose light colors for the bathroom decor. The tiles in lighter shades reflect light and make the room brighter.

5. Choose smaller fixtures, like a smaller sink, a smaller but deeper bathtub, smaller taps. These make the room seem larger. Afterall our brains processes everything in relation to the objects beside it. Having large fixtures in small bathroom is a big no-no.

6. Add a nice painting or colored glass tiles on one wall.

7. Small decorations scattered around at strategic locations take the attention away from the space constraint of the room and make you feel comfortable and gives us the illusion of being in a larger bathroom. These small bathroom design ideas employed by professionals are the reason why you feel that you are not only in beautiful surroundings but also in larger spaces.

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