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Shingle Roofing Prices – The Cost Of An Asphalt Roof

Shingle roofing prices are estimated to cost around $2,300 dollars to $12,000 dollars for an average sized home. Asphalt is the most commonly used roofing material in the world of roofing. These asphalt shingles are either made of single layer or multiple layers of fiberglass and asphalt embedded in them. The surface of the shingles is then coated with granules of minerals which can be rock or slate.

Here we will explore in detail shingle roofing prices and how it works out for various situations and conditions. If you are planning on laying the roof yourself the cost works out to around $680 to $3700 dollars for a single story home that has around $1,800 square foot of roofing area with a medium pitch roof. If you are looking for the cheapest shingle to install then the 3-tab shingles offer the best bet. But the price of shingles can not be your sole deciding factor. The lowest priced shingles won’t last long and you will end up spending more in trying to replace them. The thicker shingles will last longer but they are more expensive. The trade-off is between price and durability.

When you are planning on a new roof, the old roof has to be either pulled down or firmly bound to put on the new layer of shingles. Depending on a number of factors a decision will be taken to either tear down the old shingles or just put in the layer on top. If the older layer needs to be torn down then it costs extra money of $1000 dollars. This will go up or down depending on how steep your roof is, how far the debris has to be hauled and what fee is charged by the local landfill for taking in the old shingles.

It costs from $1 to $5 dollars to remove old roofing shingles and install new shingles. If you want specific colors, different style of shingle or thicker shingles then the price goes up. Shingle roofing prices also go up if the roof is high pitched and there are lot of complex features on the roof. Chimneys, air vents, skylights, dormer windows are some of features that add to the cost of roofing. More work and time is needed to fix the flashing and roofing around these complexities on the roof and this naturally costs extra money.

A flat roof will have same area as the flooring area of a home with a little overhang on the sides. But, if the roof is sloping then you have to figure higher shingle roofing prices for the larger area caused by the slope. Also, slope makes working on the roof tougher, so the cost is higher. The contractor will usually add extra 10 to 15 percent for complicated roofs as the material cost and time involved increases and also the wastage. As the shingles have to be cut to fit around the chimneys, dormers etc.

The popularity of asphalt roofing shingles is because of it is the most affordable. The shingle roofing prices are the lowest of all roofing options. They are easy to install and last a long time. The shingles are nailed or locked into place. The overlap allows for this. You can also opt for thicker and more expensive roofing shingles that will last longer. These roofing materials are flexible even in cold climates where they tend to get brittle and easily crack. Organic shingles are not allowed in many states as they are a fire hazard. Fiberglass based shingles are preferred as they fire-retardants.

There is also more choice in better quality shingles in terms of texture, designs, colors and shades. They are made to look like slate or wood or ceramic tiles. These are called architectural roofing shingles or dimensional shingles. They add an extra dimension to roofing shingles which is admired by many homeowners. They don’t lie flat on the roof like 3-tab shingles.

Some additionals apart from shingles roofing prices that will need to be provided for include extra roofing support in case you are using heavier shingles or if the previous old rafters and decking has rotted or damaged. Repairs to the basic roofing structure can set you back by thousand to ten thousand dollars.


Roof Shingle Prices – What To Expect?

Roof shingle prices vary widely based on your choice of material. Asphalt shingles fall in low cost category while natural slate and wood shingles fall in the high cost category. Again the cost of laying the shingles varies with the type of shingle. Slate and other shingles need special expertise and so the roofer charges more for such roofs. Some roofs are heavier and need strengthening of the roof structure and naturally the cost is more for any such modifications. Factors like pitch, the slope of the roof, projecting windows, dormers, skylights, chimneys all affect the roof shingle prices.

A home with few complexities, angles, low slope will cost on the lower end of the roof shingle prices band. If the roof is very complex, lot of angles, skylights, vents, chimneys, dormers and so on then the price will be naturally more. The price difference can be several thousand dollars more. If you need to remove old tattered and torn shingles then that will cost from $500 to $1000 dollars or more.

A simple price guide to help you – installing asphalt roof shingles on your own can cost from $700 to $4,000. The cost of installing the roof by a professional can cost around $1,500 to $9,000, for costlier wood shingle the roof shingles prices for a self-installation cost around $2,000 dollars to $6,000 dollars. A professional installation cost anywhere between $7,000 dollars to $15,000 dollars. Metal roofs cost $5,000 to $17,000 dollars for professional installation and self-installation is not recommended as it is little more complicated. Corrosion resistant steel costs $12,000 to $20,000 dollars for aluminum or other high-end metal roofs the cost can be $25,000 to $40,000.

Roof shingle price are much lower when compared to tile roofs. Tile roofs are heavy and your home might need extra structural support which can add to roofing prices by another $1500 dollars. The cost of self-installation will be lower but not recommended as the task is complex. The professional installation of this roof will set you back by $12,000 to $21,000 for clay tiles. For the really top quality ceramic and other tiles the cost can be as high as $65,000.

Compared to slate, roof shingle prices are much lower in cost. But, slate is very elegant and high-end roofing solution that brings a touch of class to your home. The prices can be as high as $23,000 to $46,000 dollars. Self installation can slash the price to $12,000 dollars for the higher end slate shingles but it is not recommended as installation of slate is difficult and specialized task.

Asphalt roofs are the easiest in terms of installation and most homeowners can manage on simple and low slope homes. But, if you don’t want to there are good roofers who will do it for a reasonable price. In order to get the best possible roof shingle prices and labor charge it is recommended to get as many quotes as you can to get handle on the costs prevailing in your area. Make sure that the contractor you are hiring has insurance, license to do roofs, is in a permanent place of business, has positive references from past clients, is professional and does top quality of work.

Here are factors that a roofer will look at before quoting roof shingles price and labor costs

The roofer will give the quote only after a inspection of your roof first. They will look at

1. Number of layers of shingles that need to be removed.
2. Any damage to decking under the shingles?
3. Water damage around chimneys, turbines, skylights and other structures
4. Extent of roof area.
5. Wastage will be calculated based on roof type, its complexity and size
6. Removal of old roofing layers, shingles costs
7. Disposal of removed shingles to designated landfills
8. Transportation and labor costs

Getting to know the breakup of costs will help you better appreciate the quote from your roofing contractor. The roofing company will put a markup on the roof shingle prices and other materials as they have to cover their overheads. You can make a comparison of the prices quoted with actual prices in your area by doing a search on Internet. Most often the prices quoted are pretty reasonable. The roofing industry is very competitive and no roofer can quote exorbitant rates and get away with it.

If you are so concerned about the roof shingle prices and have the time and patience you can order the materials yourself and get the roofer to do the job of roofing and removing the old shingles. If you have a big enough truck you can also haul away the old and damaged shingles to the dump yard and pay the fee for its safe disposal. Make sure you are taking it to the designated landfill as the council has special locations for these. But, most home owners are too busy to do all these. Also, professional handle these things better than newbies.


Roofing Shingle Prices – Get Your Facts Right

Do you know the roofing shingle prices in your area? If you are unaware of this important point before you embark on roofing your home, then you can be cheated. The roofing industry for most parts is good but there are some black sheep who will take the unsuspecting homeowner for a ride. Learn all about the pricing in this industry and save yourself from getting cheated.

Learning about roofing shingle prices will help you get the right information and also make sure that you get the best deals on the product. Two major factors affect roofing prices. One is the cost of materials and the other is cost of labor.

Most roofing options are easy to check out and find the prices for. Roofers who work in an area and take up roofing jobs professionally usually use similar products that suit the geographic area. So, it should be pretty simple to compare two quotes given by different contractors. You can even ensure that you get quality job done by asking for quotes from big roofing shingles makers like GAF and CertainTeed. The contractors certified by these companies are efficient and provide quality work for the money paid.

Manufacturers want you to buy all the accessories and other services offered by them along with their architectural shingles. They throw in attractive terms for guarantee to tempt you. But, if you read their pre-conditions you will notice that the pre-conditions specify that you have to order all the different roofing components like ridge cap, starter shingles, air vents and such from them to qualify for their warranty. There are companies that say you have to order at least 3 of their roofing components along with the roofing shingles for the warranty to apply. Roofing shingle prices don’t matter here as you are forced to buy a lot more than you planned for.

For a roofing job you will need ice and water shields which help prevent the formation of ice dams. This have to place in each valley and also at the lower edges of the roof. This prevents ice to dam up near the edges and the water leaks to happen as the ice melts. The components needed along with these are drip edges, vent pipe flanges and step flashing.

The roofing shingle prices will range from one hundred and thirty five dollars to one hundred and seventy five dollars per square. A square is equal to 100 square feet. This amount will vary depending on where you live. Other factors affecting the price include quality of shingles, its thickness, type and design. The thicker shingles are of better quality.

If you have look at the cost of labor for installing shingles, there is more room to negotiate. Installation is tough and involves lots of hard work. It is not a high-profile job. The job is dangerous unless undertaken with sufficient safe guards. The rates offered by most professional roofing contractors will be quite similar. You will get lower prices if the contractor happens to be new to the job or does not have required certifications and licenses. Many immigrant workers and others offer lower rates. It depends on you whether you trust them enough to offer the job. But, you will have to consider taking some risks in such a situation. Unlike roofing shingle prices which are fixed by manufacturers, installation costs can be quite flexible.

Apart from the above labor also depends on the complexity of roof. If your roof is has lots of features like chimneys and vents then the cost of roofing will be higher. If your roof is walkable the rates are lower but the steeper the roof the higher cost of labor. If you have simple, single story house then the cost of roofing installation is lower. A complex, double or triple story in costs more in terms of roofing labor costs even though roofing shingle prices are the same and depend on the roofing area alone.The time taken for roofing also increases in such cases and as a result the contractor will charge you more.

Removing old shingles from roofs will cost you extra money and so will the disposal of the same. You need to factor in extra for roofing shingle prices for breakage and wastage. More experienced people will not waste as much as newer contractors. Installation is critical part of roofing and it is best to employ well-experienced persons who their job. These roofs tend to last longer when installed properly and that saves you money in the long term.