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Types of Industrial Roofing Services

Industrial roofing services are a lucrative avenue of opportunity because industrial roofing is costly and maintaining these roofs can be intensely frustrating for owners. This is a guide to what industrial roofing services entails and how to go about choosing the best ones for your specific needs.

Industrial sheeting services are one of the services typically offered by professionals. They are meant to provide industrial roofing systems with single or double skin covers, or even composite panel, standing seam and over-sheeting systems. These services all involve installing a new roof system over the currently existing one, without needing removal or tearing down. A spacer bar is first installed over it, and this will support the new roof while protecting the older one beneath it.

Insulating the space between the two roofing systems is an optional extra. Over-sheeting is a useful industrial roofing service because it permits work to continue inside the building even as construction work happens on the outside. There is little if any disruption to regular commercial services, which provides a major benefit in economic terms to the business owner. As a result of the industrial roofing services, the appearance and energy efficiency of the office building is improved because of the insulation effect.

Another industrial roofing service is roof felting. At times it becomes necessary that an industrial roofing system is stripped and resheeted. This happens more often in buildings that were once roofed with asbestos sheets, in light of the growing awareness about the health hazards of asbestos roofing. Removing asbestos roofing makes the work place safer, and that has led to a specialized group of roofing contractors whose area of expertise is roof felting. In buildings with a flat roof, a torch-on or single ply roof felting will lower the fire hazards and prevent combustion related injury to roofing systems. This matters specifically in the petrochemical and food industries.

One more area of industrial roofing services is roofing gutter systems. When gutters are not properly maintained or become damaged, they can cause severe problems with your roofing system. This can weaken the structure of a building and even impair the integrity leading to further damage. Industrial guttering services tackle this problem. Installing modern systems is an important industrial roofing service, and involves installing liners made of light weight materials. In case the budget for repairs is more limited, seamless gutter lining systems are an attractive option that can protect the roof without requiring extensive overhauls. These single-piece linings are designed to minimize leads at gutter joints.

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Commercial Roofing Services – What’s Included, What’s Not?

Commercial roofing services are a field of cut-throat competition, primarily because it is lucrative and profitable. Because of the high financial stakes for both building owners and contractors, only the very best can survive. At the same time, there is a lot of wheeling and dealing that goes on to squeeze more profits out of clients through blurring the lines of what is covered under commercial roofing maintenance contracts and what isn’t.

To get the best value for your investment in commercial roofing services as a property owner or business person, you need to be aware of the nuances and guard yourself against being exploited or cheated.

First, let’s bust a myth. There is no such thing as “maintenance-free roofing”.

No matter how durable, sturdy and high quality your roofing materials are, no matter how skilled and expert your roofing contractor is, no matter how recently the roofing job was done, there will always be a growing possibility that your commercial roofing needs repair, maintenance, or in the long run, replacement.

Problems that can stem from a leaky roof are worrisome – and lose productivity for your enterprise. That’s why many businesses view their roof among one of the most valued assets and resources that let the other assets perform effectively. And it’s also why commercial roofing services are so highly valued and in demand.

Preventive maintenance of commercial roofing is a smart strategy. Entering into a long term service contract with reputed professionals who know their job can be the single best decision that allays anxiety and worry. While you consider your choice of professional, be sure to inquire about their warranty certification expertise, years of service, satisfied clients who can give you testimonials and their technical skills in addressing any unique needs of your commercial roofing.

One area you might want to specifically check on is emergency commercial roofing services.

A leaking roof may need emergency attention. If your contractor offers them at a reasonable cost, or better yet, includes them in a service contract, you’re that much ahead of the game. Make sure they have a team in place, with specialists who can handle the specific needs of your roofing system, and that these staff members are available round the year. The worst thing that can happen is if your contractor has one or two handymen who take off for the holiday season, and your roof decides to leak just then!

Assessing the status of your commercial roofing periodically and recommending maintenance jobs is also a part of a good contractor’s responsibilities. By providing you with checklists to go over and carry out minor repairs and changes on your own which will prevent major damage requiring a contractor’s input, these professionals might seemingly be shooting themselves in the foot. But think about it. If your contractor helped you save a few hundred dollars today, wouldn’t you consider him or her for the major overhaul costing thousands of dollars tomorrow? And even tell your friends about their quality work?

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