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Roof Shingles – An Introduction

Roof shingles are excellent, durable and affordable as a roofing solution. But they need regular maintenance to extend longevity and prevent damage. Since your roof is what protects the rest of the house, keeping it in good condition is crucially important.

In case you notice signs of wear and tear such as water damage or rotting, then it is important to take swift action and fix the problem before it grows more serious. Water seepage can result in damage to the underlying planks, necessitating more complex and expensive repairs.

Maintenance of roof shingles is a continuous process. Homeowners who take a chance and put off repairs, or are too careless to even notice early signs of damage, will only end up spending far more on costly repairs which were necessitated by the serious ongoing damage.

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Solar Roof Shingles – Attractive, Effective, Environment Friendly

Solar roof shingles come in the form of interlocking tiles that give a streamlined appearance to your building and an elegant look to your roof. The solar tiles are designed to match the style and architecture of any building. Traditionally, solar panels were made so that they would sit atop the roofing shingles. Modern solar roof shingles have the panels incorporated within the shingles, in an integrated fashion.

Why are solar roof shingles so appealing to home owners? Well, think about the electricity meter in your building spinning backwards! That’s what can happen with solar shingles. When the photovoltaic cells in your roof generate current from sunlight, the excess that’s beyond your needs can be fed back into the grid of your power company, in return for credits against your consumption.

Solar roof shingles have a seamless design and structure, allowing interlocking that prevents leaks. The panels are lightweight and are manufactured with the latest solar technology. These solar roof shingles are low maintenance and come with 25 year warranty from manufacturers.

One of the main reasons home owners consider installing solar roof shingles is the cost savings it engenders through creating electricity from sun power. These are especially popular in sunny states like California. Another reason is that the government pays rebates of up to $20,000 for installing solar powered roofs. Check up on incentives in your local region to take full advantage of them.

Solar powered homes can reduce your electricity bill and provide a big return on a modest investment into green energy solutions. By reducing your reliance on fossil fuels that are growing more expensive and relying instead on solar power that is abundant, clean and free solar roof shingles are revolutionizing the building industry in a way nothing else has in recent times.

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Roof Shingles – Installing & Repairing Shingle Roofs

The most visible part of any home is the roof and roof shingles make a house stand out as a stunning masterpiece – or an eyesore. Roof shingles also act as the first line of defense against natural elements, protecting your building against wind and water. Given this, it is amazing how often the roof is ignored until shingles are torn or damaged, worn out or go missing. It’s only when water seeps through and damages the interior, causing electrical problems or staining or fungus on the walls that action is taken to fix roof shingles.

Here’s how to get the most from your shingle roof. The life cycle of most shingle based roofing systems is 2 to 3 decades. A warranty will save you a little bit, but as we draw closer to the end of this lifespan, it’s up to you to proactively repair roof shingles to get high value from your investment.

It’s a scary decision to go ahead and repair or replace your roof. Given the vast array of brands and options by way of roofing material, you can worry about making mistakes that are costly and dangerous to your safety. How to decide whether to repair or replace a damaged roof?

Well, you can ask a roofing contractor who specializes in roof shingles. Or you can take a look at the roof yourself and see why the roof shingles are failing. Are they curled, cracked, broken or blown off? Is only the occasional shingle damaged, or is there general wear and tear? This can determine whether you only need to fix a few broken shingles, or tear off the entire roof and do a good job.

By being diligent and observant, you can even identify problems with your roof shingles before they become apparent and obvious, allowing you to take preventive action. If the gutters on your roof are accumulating ‘sand’ that’s the same color as your shingles, it’s likely they are wearing out and clogging the gutter with dust.

Proactively caring for your roof can save you money and enhance the durability of the rest of your building. It is better to have things fixed before the roof shingles blow off and water seeps through causing interior damage. And maybe you’ll only need a few shingles for a quick repair job. To learn more about how to buy roof shingles and decide when is the best time to have your roof repaired or replaced, read this short report.


Roof Shingles – Finding The Right Option

The most eye-catching part of any home is its roof shingles. That is the first thing we notice about the home. The color, the shade, whether it is hipped, sloping, flat, gabled, how the colors match the exteriors of the home and so on. The roof apart from the aesthetics also performs an important function of protecting the home. Wind, rain, sun, snow, the cold and the heat are kept at by roofs installed with precision and care. Once laid people homeowners usually forget about the most important aspect of their home – the roof.

That is until the roof shingles get damaged, chipped, worn-out, broken or fly-away due to fierce storms or otherwise. When water starts leaking through the roof and dripping over your expensive carpet or sofa set, you start panicking and remember that your roof needs some care from time to time.

Most roof shingles last around 20-30 years. That is usually the amount of time a family spends in a home. Most homeowners have moved on to a bigger home before the life-time of the shingles ends. When repairing or replacing roof shingles there are lot of issues that need to be carefully considered. You need to know whether a simple roof repair and replacing a few shingles is all it needs or whether the roof needs a complete overhaul. If after inspection you find that the roof shingles are fine and it needs only minor repairs that is a major saving in costs for you. However, if the entire shingles need replacement then that is a major project which needs due planning and implementation.

First and foremost any underlying problems needs to be fixed before the shingles are laid. Next, comes the difficult choice of selecting a particular brand or type of shingles from the many hundred choices on offer. Not just color, there are a whole range of textures, types, designs and more to choose from. Slate, tiles, architectural, asphalt are just a few of material choices to pick from in roofing shingles. For a homeowner the whole task of re-roofing or re-shingling can be intidimating, costly and messy unless they have trusted contractors to do the job.


Roof Shingles – Wholesale, Aluminum & Solar Panel

Sometimes choosing roofing shingles colors can become one of the hardest, most acrimonious and frustrating parts about constructing your home or re-roofing the building. Many home owners simply aren’t aware that there’s such a vast range of choice when it comes to roofing shingles colors, or realize how much of an impact the color of your roof can have on the way your building will look when it’s done.

What at first glance appears a casual choice of one’s favorite color quickly becomes stressful when you realize that with a wrong choice, your roof may stick out like a sore thumb in your neighborhood! That’s one reason why selecting the right color for your roof shingles is so important.

If you are not very discerning about color (or have an element of color blindness), then you won’t even notice minor nuances in color and shade. All roofs may look pretty much identical to you. But actually roofing shingle manufacturers come out with a wide range of asphalt shingle colors. You can find shingles in practically any kind of shade or mixture of colors.

When you observe a shingle closely, you’ll see how there are many grains that make up the asphalt covering, and are multi-colored. When you purchase the shingles earlier on, you can pick a paint and color scheme for your building itself based on the shade of your certainteed shingles and lowes.

Your roof is easily the part of your house that will instantly catch the eye of a visitor. Many are visible from a distance. And since it isn’t easy or cheap to have your roof re-done once it is installed, it behooves you to spend some time and effort on deciding on the right roofing shingle manufacturers and the roofing shingle colors you want to use. Remember, you’ll have to live with the consequences of this decision – so choose wisely!

So what roofing shingles colors should you pick? It depends on how the rest of your house will be painted. The shades should match what the house itself will look like. Think about both the trim and the siding, and decide if the one you’re thinking of for your roof will go well with it. For instance, yellow color walls go nicely with black shingles, and green houses might match with brown or gray roofing.

It usually doesn’t work well if you try to be daring with your selection when re-roofing. What you want to aim for there is to ensure your property matches and harmonizes with other houses in the neighborhood. You don’t want your place to look like the odd man out. See what color themes others in your area have used, and go with roofing shingles colors that are similar.

The certainteed shingles and lowes you’ll use are impacted by how the weather is in your area. Light colors help in hotter climes because they lessen the build up of heat. White or very pale colored shingles and lowes reflect light and reduce heat. In cooler climates, dark colored shingles and tiles will absorb heat and reduce your energy needs for warming the building.

You may sometimes require assistance in selecting the right roofing shingles colors. Be sure to ask for help from a specialist. Don’t worry about how much you may have to pay for this service. Considering how big an expense your house is, this will not be significant. Also, if your neighbors are expert at this from their own experience, then you may be able to ask them for help and guidance.

Hopefully all this will help you in pick the right roofing shingles colors for your building. Good luck with finding the right kind of asphalt shingle colors and lowes for your dream home.


3 Types of Roofing Shingles

Ridge Cap Shingles and Ridge Cap Tiles

The final touch. Ridge Shingles are to your roof like a picture frame is to a picture. What kind of frame did they put around the Mona Lisa in the Louvre? I’ll bet you it wasn’t purchased at Wal-Mart… And what a difference it makes to have a good quality ridge shingle installed. The bottom line is, visually appealing Roof Systems include visually appealing ridge shingles.

If you are not concerned with the visual appeal of your Roof System, then save a buck and use a standard cut shingle for your ridge caps. If however you’d like your house to look more like your castle…use a definitive edge ridge shingle such as an IKO Ultra Hip or a GAF/Elk z-ridge. The price difference between a regular ridge shingle and a more visually appealing ridge shingle on a standard home is around $400 – $800.

Important note: Higher quality ridge shingles typically require special installation procedures when installed. It may be wise to mention this to whoever you choose to install your roof. Ridge shingles are located at areas of your roof most vulnerable to wind damage and therefore subject blowing off if they are not installed properly. Ask your roofing contractor what sort of Special Installations are required for installing high quality ridge shingles.

For more information, be sure to check out this full report about roofing shingles.

By Eric Gilbert

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New Roof Shingles and Valleys

How to Install Roof Shingles – Valley Tip #1

Valleys fill up with water during a big shower and some water ends up under the shingles. If the shingle nails are too close to the center of the valley, you can get a leak. That nail pattern you see on the shingle wrappers doesn’t apply to the valleys. Keep your nails at least 12″ away from the center of the valley.

How to Install Roof Shingles – Valley Tip #2

Shingle seams can also leak when they fall right in the valley. Keep the seams at least 12″ away from the center of the valley by adjusting the length of the adjacent shingles on both sides.

Also check out this article on how to install roof shingles – here.

By John C. Bishop

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Buying Roof Shingles Online – How Long Will YOU Wait?

Most people who buy roof shingles online are willing to wait only an hour for a response, says an interesting study conducted by Harvard Business Review. The study found that 37% of all roof shingles companies and retailers responded to online queries within an hour. A further 16% got back to the prospective customer within 24 hours.

But nearly half of the companies only responded longer than a day later – and they were 60 TIMES less likely to speak to the customer. That’s because people like you who are looking for roof shingles and conducting research on the Web are not likely to want to wait too long to hear back.

That’s not surprising at all. Given the speed at which the Web moves, we want answers and we want them now. On this website, you can find answers to most general questions by simply studying the archives. When you contact someone, you are looking for specific answers – and need them urgently.

So when a roof shingles company replies to you almost immediately, calls you to talk about your requirements, and guides you towards solving a vexing problem about your roof repair or replacement, you are many times more likely to end up buying your roof shingles from them.

At this point, price and other variables become less important than the important fact that you’re working with a company or person that cares about your roof. That’s magical when you can find the right roof shingles manufacturer or roofing contractor.

The Harvard study went on to find that whenever there was a meaningful conversation with the customer, the probability of making a roof shingles sale was higher. This goes far beyond just an impersonal email, or a link back to an FAQ page. After all, you can already find that information by clicking on a few links on this blog – on the sidebar to the right, the most popular sections are listed for your convenience.

So buying roof shingles online has grown quicker, simpler and easier. Enjoy. And until you need to talk to someone, you can find all you need about roof shingles in this special report – click here.

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