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Roofing Material Estimate – What Is The REAL Cost of Your Roof?

A roofing material estimate will help determine the cost of a installing a new roof or repairing an old one. It will be also helpful when you need to replace an existing old roof. With the help of the estimated cost you can determine how to budget your resources in order to lay a new roof.

It’s important to know that there are avenues open to you when it comes to roof replacement. You can either replace only the surface of the roof or the entire roof and its underlying base. The first option is undoubtedly easy and less expensive. But, the second option is advised if the underlying surface is either damaged or if you have implemented the first option before. It may be time now to change the whole roof.

Once you have decided on either option, it doesn’t mean you have to call in contractors to start laying the roof. You need to do some homework and get the roofing material estimate. When you are researching you will be able to gather information that will stand in good stead when you call in the experts later to get to the next step. If you are ignorant of important information concerning roofs and material costs and your needs you may be taken for a ride.

In order to asses whether you need to replace the roof an visual assessment is important. Are they any damp spots on the wall close to the ceiling or the ceiling itself. Is the paint peeling off? Are they any stains or bulges on the roof or ceiling? If there is discoloration of the roof or you see your wall paper peeling off, it may be time to replace the roof sooner than later.

Another point to consider is the cost of maintaining the current roof. All roofs need maintenance and this needs to be kept in mind. But, if the cost of maintaining the present roof seems to be more than roofing material estimate and cost of laying the new roof then it is time to change the old one.

The third point to think about is if the roofing shingles are older than 20 years, especially the asphalt shingles then it’s future is limited and it may be better to get roofing material estimate and fix up a new roof then trying to prolong the older roof’s life by repairing it in bits and pieces.

Here is another option for people who are still in two minds and can’t make up their mind about whether to repair the old roof or replace it. Get two roofing material estimates quotes from roofing contractors – one for repair and one for replacement. When the repair cost is higher than you don’t have to think too much and can go in for replacement.

It’s time to gather information about different types of roofing materials, the cost of laying, the roof type suitable for your local weather conditions and so on. Once these are decided you can make your own roofing material estimate from information available on the Internet or pick up the phone and talk to a few retailers and wholesalers to get an ideas about the costs involved.

Get advice from roofing contractors, building experts and friends or neighbors who have recently replaced or repair their roofs. Make a final call only after getting all the information you can from different sources.

It’s time to choose a roofing contractor. The same people who helped earlier in your research can be your sources for getting recommendations on the best roofers in your area. Get at least 3 quotes for roofing material costs and cost of laying the roof and whatever other cost involved. With the help of a roofing calculator compare the prices given in the quotes with the information you have collected. Evaluate the pros and cons of each quote and contractor. Choose the best of the lot who does the job for reasonable rates and is licensed to work on roofs.

If you follow the above steps you should be able to do an effective roofing material estimate and costing of the roof. This will help you plan better in either replacing or repairing your roof.


Roofing Material Estimate – Tips To Know Your Costs

If your roof is in need of repair or replacement, a roofing material estimate will come in handy. Let’s see how to determine if your roof needs to be repaired or completely replaced, and how to arrive at a roofing material estimate to help you prepare and fund your efforts.

First, realize you have choices. You can replace the entire roof, or only the roof’s surface material. While the latter is less expensive, it is not always a good choice, more so when you have done an earlier replacement of the same kind. In such instances, completely replacing the entire roof may be a better option.

You definitely do not want to rush out and call a contractor over. Instead begin by making a roofing material estimate that will help you assess the situation and figure out your needs better. Then, you can call in an expert and get to the next step.

To decide whether or not you want to replace your roof, look at its appearance. Does it have any paint peeling off, or stains from seeping water on the ceiling? If this, or discoloration, or wallpaper peels are noticed, then you may have to fix things quickly.

The next factor to consider is the expense of maintaining your current roof. Most roofs will require modest maintenance, but some choices are more costly than others over the long term. Whenever you are spending more to maintain your current roof than it costs to replace it, you may decide to change.

Finally, shingles that are older than 20 years have too low longevity to make it worthwhile fixing them again. You may be better off getting a roofing material estimate for replacement.

If you are still in doubt, simply get two roofing repair estimates – one for replacement and another for repair. Whenever the estimate for a repair job is higher than that for a replacement, you’d be better advised to change the roof completely. Then you must look for the best material to use. You must consider factors like the cost, durability, look and feel, and the material to use in roofing.

As you explore this site and related ones, you will find more information about the different kinds and styles of roofing, with pros and cons of each kind discussed. Not all options may be suitable for your needs, so be sure to consult with a specialist contractor before making a final call.

Finally, it is time to select a contractor. The best advise you can get is to look around. Get a roofing material estimate from at least 3 different contractors, preferably more. Use an online roofing calculator to compare the rates they quote with what you already know. Then evaluate each estimate, as well as the contractor’s credentials, to pick the best, cheapest and licenced builder to work on your roof.

In this way, your roofing material estimate exercise will help you to effectively plan and execute your roof repair.