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What Affects The Cost of a New Roof?

There are many factors that impact the cost of a new roof. And while you can manage to fit the cost of a new roof into any budget, there are some unavoidable components that add to this expense and that you will have to consider before starting any roofing project.

One of these is the extent of damage to the existing roof. If there are leaks and gaps in the roof where shingles have been chipped or blown off, then you will probably have to do an extensive repair job or replace the entire roof. Another is the size of the building, which obviously means a larger roof area will cost more to have fixed.

Whether you do the repair work yourself or hire workers will determine the cost of a new roof. If you are a do it yourself enthusiast who enjoys working on projects for home improvement, then you’ll save on the expense of a handyman or contractor. However, in any case, the cost of a new roof is not insignificant, so be sure to carry out your homework carefully to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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Roof Repair Cost – Cost Of Repairing, Renovating Or Replacing Roofs

Roof repair cost depends on several factors and can’t be estimated without due diligence. Many of these issues can increase your repair costs several fold. So, let’s check them out in detail to know what influences roofing costs.


The first factor that makes a major impact on roof repair cost is the size of the roof and the area of roof that needs to be repaired. If the whole roof needs to work done on it the roof repair cost will be proportionately higher. A huge home with large roof area will cost a lot more than a small 2 bed room home.

Difficulty Of Roof

A roof that is very steep can make it tougher for the roofer. So, the more difficult your roof is to work on, the higher will be the cost of roof repair. A flat roof on the other hand will have the lowest roof repair cost which is understandable. The time taken to fix the roof also will be more for the more difficult roofs.

Difficulty Of Task

A simple roof repair job needing a few shingles to be nailed or old worn out shingles replaced will cost much lesser than replacement of whole sections of roof. Over time some shingles curl, warp or break. These need to be replaced to prevent major leak and water damage later on. But, these are as important to repair as when a typhoon blows away a part of the roof. The roof repair cost for each job will be different but they are equally important.


Bigger roofs naturally need more materials for roof replacement. So, larger roofs will cost more to fix than smaller roofs. To estimate your roof repair cost remember that roof area is about one and half times the floor area of your home approximately. So, you can make a rough estimate on the cost of materials to order.


A steep roof will cost more to repair, as specialists and specialized safety equipment will be needed for working on difficult slopes. A roofer will charge extra to work on dangerous slopes as he needs to work slowly and with safety harness.

Openings, Vents And Conversions

If your roof has lot of vents, chimneys, skylight windows, converted loft windows, dormer windows, solar panels, turbines and other stuff your roof repair cost will go up as the roofer needs to work around these obstacles and has to seal them off properly to prevent leaks and water seepage around their edges. The time needed to work on the roof also goes up so, the roofer needs to be compensated for the extra time he puts in apart from the extra effort.

Whole or Part Replacement

Sometimes due to hail or a storm only parts of the roof are damaged. The roof repair cost for partly damaged roofs is much lesser than for a whole replacement.

Type Of Roofing Materials

If you are using roofing materials like slate, tile or metal the costs of roof replacement are higher. These materials need specialist knowledge unlike asphalt shingles which are pretty straight forward. Different manufacturers have their own roofing systems for which they train roofers. This specific methods give best results for particular roofing systems. So, if you are hiring trained roofers you will be paying more in roof repair cost. If you have limited resources to spare for your roof replacement then stick to asphalt shingles or whatever that is best suited for your local weather conditions.

Get A Quote

Whether it whole roof replacement or small roof repair job. Get a quote. For the bigger job get at least 3 quotes. For smaller jobs that would be overkill. So, go with whatever seems reasonable. You can get quotes online using the knowledge from above. They are pretty accurate and match quotes from real contractors. Your roof repair cost quote should give you the idea about your costs involved.


It may seem strange but even where you live can have bearing on the cost of roof repair. As local building codes vary, there are different requirements as far as roof repair cost goes. So, you pay more or less according to the local needs. Some areas need hurricane proofing, other areas need to use specific types of roofs, there are codes for impact resistance, fire resistance and wind resistance. Some areas need homeowners to provide for ice and water shield to prevent ice dams and so on.