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How Much Does Roof Construction Cost?

Roof construction can be considered one of the critical elements of your home building. Of the entire budget for your house, the lion’s share will be for the roof. Your roof’s structure and style, the materials you use for roof construction and the labor costs you incur together make up the price you’ll pay for a new roof. Estimating the cost of roof construction is not very difficult, and you can do it even more easily with the aid of a roofing calculator.

Roof construction involves the following steps. First comes the construction of a superstructure upon a frame, usually of wood, followed by sheathing, roofing felt and flashing. Then the surface of the roof is laid, making up the final cover. Regardless of what kind of roof you get, the superstructure will cost almost the same because it involves putting up a skeleton upon which the rest of your roof will be built. The only factor that may increase your expense is if the frame needs to be reinforced because the new roof you install will be heavier than the older one.

Roof construction can be of 3 kinds. Traditional or ‘cut’ roofs are made with beams and trussed rafters. The choice will depend upon how much roof space is available and how you intend using it. The easiest way to roof construction is by using closed trussed rafters. These come prefabricated for easy installation. The major disadvantage of this style is that the enclosed roof space becomes useless and cannot be re-purposed for other uses.

Wherever the space beneath the roof has other purposes, you must opt for alternatives like cut, beam or panellized roofs. Open rafters with trusses or attic trusses may also serve the same purpose. The cost of the frame isn’t very important here in light of the fact that the space being useful pays for itself in a short time.

Beam and panel roof construction is useful in simple roofs that don’t have much detailing. But complex roof construction designs need traditional roofs that fit your needs. Whichever kind of roof you end up choosing, be sure that you have taken note of the roof edge. Overhanging eaves or closed off ones are options, and the gables are another choice you must make.

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How To Pick a Roof Contractor

Choosing a roof contractor who knows his or her job, will be professional and deliver quality and value is not easy when you go by an advertisement in the local newspaper or a free ad listing in the yellow pages. After all, who in their senses would believe all that’s in a paid ad? What we would love to have is proof that the roof contractor is good, and references from people we know or trust to vouch for the contractor’s credentials. There are many roof contractors to choose from in any area, and that’s hardly surprising considering how many buildings need roof repairs and replacement.

What should you look for in a roof contractor? First, verify and don’t blindly trust. Check claims made by any roof contractor using all means available to you. Get references of work done for prior clients, and then contact them for feedback. Don’t just accept the company’s general reference, but enquire about the specific roof contractor who was involved in the project. A larger company might employ many different contractors and the one who works on your home is the one whose track record matters to you.

Check that the roof contractor has an office that’s permanent, with a phone number, fax and other fixed assets indicating they are not a fly-by-night outfit. This will become important in case you have to contact them later on about problems with the installation. A startup roof contractor might close shop after fitting a few roofs and making a quick profit, and if there’s a problem with the job, you’ll be left holding the bag.

Your roof contractor must have insurance. Check the insurance papers for workers who will be involved in your project as well as the contractor’s own papers. The insurance should be comprehensive and cover all liabilities and compensations involving all workers. It could get expensive if you were liable in case of accidents at your work site.

Worker safety is an important industry norm. If your roof contractor does not have the necessary safety training, you’d be taking a big risk. Check to see if the other workers have been trained as well. Some States have regulations that mandate this by law and instruct licencing boards to check their members are bonded. You can ask your state board for these details or even check their website for the information. This is intended to protect you, so even if you’re in a hurry, be sure to check this out.

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Picking The Best Roof Contractors

Having the best roof contractors work on your building is vitally important because the roof is your most important asset and important for the safety and security of the entire building. If you install the wrong roof or do it poorly, then that alone can ruin the entire construction, make it look ugly and be very expensive over time. Worst of all, you may need to replace the entire thing shortly.

Experienced roof contractors will bring to the table many years of experience and training. They will be able to save you from expensive mistakes and wrong judgments, and by following the appropriate installation techniques they will enhance the value of your building and save you money in the process. Be it installing flashing, drip edges or roofing shingles, good roof contractors are worth their weight in gold.

You must seek out roof contractors who have many years in the business, while accumulating many references. They are the professionals who work with quality materials without charging exorbitant rates for them. Ask your own friends and family for endorsements by roof contractors who have served them well. If they can’t help you, then ask national or state level agencies and trade associations for suggestions.

Once you get referrals, be sure to verify and validate them before hiring roof contractors. Try and visit the buildings where the recommended contractor has worked before. You’ll get some idea of what kind of work they deliver and you can check to see if the quality is really good.

You should aim to secure quotes and details from at least 3 competing roof contractors. Ask them to provide details including which materials they will be using. You should critically evaluate their suggestions about the type of roofing system they will install, and check if they are indeed experienced in working on that kind of roof. Do not make the mistake of picking the lowest quote without looking at other things. Poor quality labor that costs you less upfront may well end up costing you dear over the lifetime of your roof.

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Industrial Roofing – What Services Do Roof Contractors Provide?

Industrial roofing for commercial establishments is a costly, complex and complicated affair. Contrary to the do-it-yourself nature of some simple residential roofing projects, it is rare if not impossible for industrial roofing to be attempted by hobbyists and amateurs.

So as building owners are forced to seek professional assistance, the frustration and futility of finding a reliable, competent and affordable contractor kicks in. This short guide is to help you if you are in this place and seeking assistance with industrial roofing services.

Your needs may be simple, like installing a single or double skin roof. Other requirements may be more complex, like having a composite panel or standing seam roofing system installed. Others may require working on an existing roof through over-sheeting. And additional needs may include weather-proofing, insulation, sound-proofing or more that are specific to your particular industry or field.

Over-sheeting is one of the most common services requested of industrial roofing contractors. This is favored because the work can go on outside the building, covering an existing roof, without having to pause or halt work inside it. This means productivity of the factory or workshop is not hampered or affected, even as additional protection is provided by way of the oversheeting project.

Sometimes, however, it becomes mandatory to strip and re-sheet industrial roofing systems, a situation more often seen in legacy roofing systems made of asbestos which has health hazards more recently identified. Specialists in asbestos roofing replacement are in high demand for this reason.

Another popular industrial roofing service is cladding. This often leaves the existing roofing frame intact, with a new spacer bar system installed to act as a strut for the new industrial roofing cladding. Insulation can also be added to enhance the energy efficiency of the building.

Industrial gutter systems are by far the most common problem for commercial establishments. When these are damaged or partly blocked because of poor maintenance, it can cause serious problems. Over time, they may affect the structural integrity of the building itself, making very expensive replacement jobs necessary.

Industrial roofing gutter cleaning services address this problem at an early stage and keep at bay the more costly repairs. Renewing existing gutter systems with modern lightweight systems and lining the pipes to prevent leak and seepage are simple and inexpensive options. Cleaning out clogged gutters will also minimize the risk of leaks and damage.

Other industrial roofing jobs also fall under the ambit of the industrial roof contractor. You can learn more about these projects and what to look for in an industrial roofing contractor in this article.


Basics of Roof Repair

Having your roof repaired can be an expensive affair. And it requires a certain degree of expertise – and comes with some risks and dangers. That’s the reason why many home owners hire a roofing contractor for maintenance and roof repair work.

Roofs start leaking sooner or later. If you’re a handyman and like doing things yourself, maybe you’ve thought of saving money by learning how to do a roof repair yourself. This short guide can show you how to fix some of the common leaks without having to seek professional help.

Many roof repair jobs can be handled with material that can be purchased at a local hardware store. It’s more important to take heed of a word of warning. Don’t proceed with any dangerous projects simply based on an article you read on the Web or on a popular blog (even this one). No general article can provide you with personal advice and guidance.

If you’re not a DIY kind of person, are afraid of climbing on a ladder, or are careless with handling heavy equipment and materials, trying to handle your roof repair can land you in a big mess. You may then be better off hiring a contractor and supervising their work.

So, with that warning out of the way, let’s talk about some common roof repair jobs you can manage.