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How To Pick a Roof Contractor

Choosing a roof contractor who knows his or her job, will be professional and deliver quality and value is not easy when you go by an advertisement in the local newspaper or a free ad listing in the yellow pages. After all, who in their senses would believe all that’s in a paid ad? What we would love to have is proof that the roof contractor is good, and references from people we know or trust to vouch for the contractor’s credentials. There are many roof contractors to choose from in any area, and that’s hardly surprising considering how many buildings need roof repairs and replacement.

What should you look for in a roof contractor? First, verify and don’t blindly trust. Check claims made by any roof contractor using all means available to you. Get references of work done for prior clients, and then contact them for feedback. Don’t just accept the company’s general reference, but enquire about the specific roof contractor who was involved in the project. A larger company might employ many different contractors and the one who works on your home is the one whose track record matters to you.

Check that the roof contractor has an office that’s permanent, with a phone number, fax and other fixed assets indicating they are not a fly-by-night outfit. This will become important in case you have to contact them later on about problems with the installation. A startup roof contractor might close shop after fitting a few roofs and making a quick profit, and if there’s a problem with the job, you’ll be left holding the bag.

Your roof contractor must have insurance. Check the insurance papers for workers who will be involved in your project as well as the contractor’s own papers. The insurance should be comprehensive and cover all liabilities and compensations involving all workers. It could get expensive if you were liable in case of accidents at your work site.

Worker safety is an important industry norm. If your roof contractor does not have the necessary safety training, you’d be taking a big risk. Check to see if the other workers have been trained as well. Some States have regulations that mandate this by law and instruct licencing boards to check their members are bonded. You can ask your state board for these details or even check their website for the information. This is intended to protect you, so even if you’re in a hurry, be sure to check this out.

For more information about hiring a roof contractor, be sure to read this full report.


Choosing A Roof Contractor For Your Roofing Job

Selecting a good roof contractor from the hordes of advertisement in trade journals and yellow pages is tough task by any means. It is safe to assume that not all facts touted in the advertisement are not as they seem. It is important to get recommendations and proof before you believe the claims made by roofing companies. At the same time it is true that there are a number of experienced and well-trained roofing contractors available in most areas due to roofing jobs being plenty in every area.

Here we list a few factors to take note of before hiring a roof contractor:

Trust but verify every claim made by roofing contractor. Get references from clients for whom the contractor has already done a job. Get specific references on names of any particular roofing contractor the clients had worked with. Most roofing companies have several roofers on their rolls. So, be absolutely sure you are getting relevant information on specific people.

To be sure that the company you are hiring is not a fly by night operator verify that they have a fixed abode, telephone number and required licenses to run a professional outfit. Check out the number of years they have been in business. All this gives you an idea that they are serious about their business and will stick out for a long time, so if you have any problems with your roofing jobs you can get it rectified.

Insurance cover for the roof contractor is a must. Ask to see the documents to see that they are fully covered for accidents on the job, any liabilities and compensation for the workers. See that all workers who will be working on your job are covered. This ensures that you are not liable for accidents suffered at your work site.

The roofing company’s safety record should be of the highest standards. The roof contractor and other workers should have adequate safety training which helps them to work safely and securely in dangerous work areas like steep slopes and steeples.

Most states have state licensing and registration requirements. They want the roof contractors to be bonded and licensed with the state boards or other relevant authorities. You can get details about this from your state board by making a phone call. This is a way to protect yourself so don’t neglect to check that the contractor has been vetted by the state authorities.

It is okay to get multiple quotes. Different contractors work with different set of parameters and slight differences in quotes are quiet acceptable. When there are wide differences then find out why it is so. Find out what those extra costs are for. Usually the more expensive contractors have more experience and work with quality products and there are very few problems once the job is done. But this is not always true. Get your doubts cleared by asking questions. Some roof contractors might answer your queries and may be eager for your job, but the busy roofing contractor might not enetertain any queries till he knows you are serious about your job.


Roof Calculator – A Useful Online Tool For Roof Estimates

A quick and simple way to profit from a free online roof calculator is by employing it to generate roof estimates and compute roofing prices. No matter whether you’re installing an asphalt roof or one with clay tiles or a metal standing seam roof, you’ll first need to determine how much you may have to pay to have it built.

Free online tools like roof calculators are very useful for home owners and roofing professionals like contractors. A roof calculator can reliably estimate the cost of a roofing project when used correctly. You can input factors like roof materials, labor expenses involved in tearing down the current structure and getting rid of all the waste material, as well as the profit a roof contractor may expect to make. Using a roof calculator for budgeting purposes can be of great value to home owners looking to have a new roof fixed or a roof repair for leaks.

So Who Can Benefit From a Roof Calculator?

A roof calculator will come useful for home owners but also for many other roofing pros. People like house inspectors, insurance agents and adjustors, real estate salespersons and the kind use a roof calculator in their jobs. The tool lets them compute roof estimates quickly, and clients love them for the prompt response. Using a roof calculator is simple and fast. You just type in figures into the boxes, click a button, and the magic happens right under your eyes. That’s why roof calculators have caught on and there are many services that even give away a cellphone app that can be used anywhere.

Some savvy roofing contractors and services have created web based roof calculator tools that can be embedded on other websites of affiliates. This generates new leads for their roofing business through potential clients who use their calculators. For the owner of any roofing website, such a tool is helpful in engendering visitor loyalty and delighting their audience. This becomes a true win-win situation.

Roof Calculators Have Some Limitations

Roof calculators are indispensable tools for roofing professionals. But that doesn’t make them infallible or omnipotent. Many roof calculators are designed to cover most major types of roof materials. Prices that are calculated do vary slightly and have a small error rate. Generic and specialty roofing estimates will also differ a bit depending upon location and unique needs. A small degree of variation between what you compute using a roof calculator and the estimate presented to you by a roofing contractor is natural and to be expected.

There are many more ways to benefit from a roof calculator, and they are outlined in this short report that you can read here.