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Metal Roof Estimate – Pick From Several Choices

It helps to get a metal roof estimate if you planning for metal roof. The choices available are varied and many. Unless, you get an estimate you will be left wondering if you made the right choice. There are choices of heavy or light metal roofs. Choose from rust-proof roofs, ordinary roofs, maintenance free metal roofs and roofs that need a little care. Unlike other type of roofs metal roofs last a long time around 50 years or more, they are resistant fire and water. The cost of the roof will depend on the color, type and material selected.

Metal roofs are available in a wide range and this makes them suitable for any type of building in any type of weather and local conditions. These roofs are highly reflective and deflect two thirds of the heat away from the building. This is a definite plus point when choosing metal roofs for buildings which need cooling as the energy savings will be substantial. A metal roof estimate will help you determine the cost of this roof against other types and weight against an estimate of the savings on energy bills.

Metal roofs can be recycled and so it is the first choice of the environment conscious consumers. No trees need to be cut when making these roofs and when the time comes to replace it the metal in the roof can be reused.

Here is an estimate of different types of metal roofs:

Aluminum is a light-weight and rust-proof metal and highly suitable for coastal areas. It is a great alternative to roofing shingles. This can be used to replace roofing shingles without any major structural changes. The metal is highly malleable and can be adapted to any irregularities in roof. The metal roof estimate of aluminum is around $10 per square foot.

Steel metal roofs are strong and resistant to corrosion when coated with zinc or aluminum. Galvalume is the name of such steel. This can be painted in a color of your choice. It lasts for several years and almost maintenance free. It is a light-weight material and easy to install. It is strong and stable roof and suitable for a variety of buildings including commercial and residential ones. Steel metal roof estimate is slightly less than aluminum and costs about $9.50 per square foot.

Copper is another metal that is highly popular for roofs. But, it is an expensive choice. Metal roof estimate for copper is around $20 dollar per square foot. It is suitable for expensive homes located near the sea. The copper over time acquires a greenish hue due to oxidation. It is a low on maintenance and high on strength. It lasts more than a 100 years.

The question now arises – which metal roof is best? All the metals are comparable when it comes to performance and strength. They are long-lasting, light-weight, give years of service and low-maintenance. Based on your budget and your needs, a suitable metallic roof can be selected.

The above metal roof estimate and costs mentioned are based on figures from the around the country. It might vary from place to place. But, it can be used as rough guide and used to negotiate prices or check if rates are not too high.


Metal Roof Estimate – Spoiled For Choice

When it comes to a metal roof estimate, you are spoiled for choice. You have roofing that is heavy or light, rust-proof or not, maintenance-free or otherwise. Metals make a very nice choice for roofing because of their durability. They last for an indefinitely long period, and are resistant to water and fire. Your metal roof estimate will also depend upon the color, material and type of roofing you choose to use.

The diversity of metal roofing makes it suitable for any kind of building. Roofs reflect almost two thirds of the heat that falls on them, which makes them a nice choice in warm climates. And metal used for roof construction can always be recycled later on. That helps environmentalists decide to prefer them because your metal roof will not require destroying any trees.

Aluminum Metal Roof Estimate

In homes built along sea shores and on the coast, an aluminum metal roof is a good choice. Aluminum is rust free and weighs less. It can be an alternative to roofing shingles, and to change from a shingle roof to aluminum metal roof won’t need major structural modifications. Being flexible and malleable, the roofing can adapt to irregularities in the roof. The metal roof estimate is typically around $10 per square foot.

Steel Metal Roof Estimate

A strong and corrosion-resistant metal roof choice is Galvalume steel. This is a zinc or aluminum coated material that can be painted over. It lasts for a long time, and is easy to install. Though light, it has high tensile strength and is suitable for many kinds of roofs. The cost is slightly lesser than aluminum, with metal roof estimate expected to be around $9.50 per square foot.

Copper Metal Roof Estimate

A higher priced roofing metal is copper. It can get oxidized with exposure to air, resulting in a sheen covering the roof. It’s a good choice for expensive homes, especially when they are located near salt water. Maintenance is low, and tensile strength is high. The cost is however almost double that of other kinds, with typical copper metal roof estimate running at $20 per square foot.

Which metal should you choose?

The benefits of each material is similar to the other. So often your choice will be guided by your budget and taste. Metal roofing comes in sheets, though there are also metal shingles for a variety of types of buildings. There are also other options including stainless steel, terne metal, and zine. Terne metal roof is made by coating carbon steel or stainless steel with alloys made of tin and zine. This helps prevent corrosion.

While the metal roof estimate figures quoted above are only rough guides, they are a fair indication of rates across the country. You may use them as a rule of thumb to negotiate with individual contractors or to estimate your expenses when it comes to installing metal roofs.