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Industrial Roofing Services – A Portfolio

Industrial roofing is expensive, complex, and can even be frustrating. If you’ve been looking for industrial roofing services and are not sure what they entail, then this short report will serve as a guide. In it, we will look at the common forms of industrial roofing services provided and guide you towards picking the ones best suited to your needs.

Industrial Sheeting Services

Industrial roofing requires services like single skin or double skin roofing, composite panel and standing seam installations and over-sheeting systems. In all these services, the existing roof system stays in place. The new roof is installed after a spacer-bar is put into place that will support the new roof cover.

Optionally, insulation can be inserted between the old and new roof. Over-sheeting helps by permitting work inside the building to continue while the construction goes on. The advantages to the industrial owner are the minimum disruption of regular activities, and no loss of revenue during repair. Aesthetics improve and energy efficiency can be enhanced through better thermal performance with insulation.

Sometimes it may be necessary to strip and re-sheet industrial roofing systems. This is especially in industries that once had asbestos roofing. Asbestos removal can enhance safety at the workplace, and many industrial roofing contractors specialize in this area.

Industrial Cladding

With the present cladding left intact, a new spacer bar system can be installed and will support the new industrial roofing cladding. Options to insert insulation in between the two roofs ia provided by most services. Overcladding lets the roof be refurbished while regular work inside the building carries on.

Roof Felting

In buildings with flat roof systems, adding torch-on or single-ply felting can reduce fire hazards and reduce risk from combustion damage, which is of great value in the food and petrochemical industries.

Industrial Roofing Gutter Systems

Damaged or poorly maintained gutters in industrial roofing can become a bug bear, which over time will affect the structural strength and integrity of your building. Industrial guttering services specifically are designed to handle these issues.

Renewal of existing gutters with modern systems including lightweight membrane liners are one of many services on offer. If replacing guttering is too expensive, seamless gutter lining systems can help protect your roof without requiring a complete overhaul. These lining systems are single-piece products that avoid the leaks at gutter joints.

Cleaning out clogged gutters may be the most effective form of industrial roofing maintenance you contract for. Keeping the gutters debris-free and in good shape will enhance the life of your roof and prevent leak related damage.

Converting Flat To Pitch Roofing

Flat roofs are not ideal for many commercial buildings, and industrial roofing services usually cover the conversion of flat to picth roofing. There are a choice of lightweight roofing systems you can select from. This helps enhance the aesthetics of your building and also will lower maintenance expenses.

By adding insulation to the project, you will also save on energy costs and make your industrial roofing environment friendly in the process. Reducing heat losses and lowering carbon emission are critical in an era of green-energy and global warming awareness.

Building New Industrial Roofing

While building contractors usually are involved in such projects, this may be one of many services offered by industrial roofing providers as well. Check to see if they are in full compliance with local and national regulations pertaining to industrial roof construction.

Industrial Roofing Maintenance

Leaking roofs are a problem. Damages to stock, health and safety concerns and the daily inconvenience to operations are all the consequence of leaking roofs. Preventive maintenance can keep industrial roofing leak-proof and long lasting.

Maintenance contracts with providers will usually cover different elements such as urgent attention, short term maintenance, and longer period cover at budget rates or special loyalty discounts.

Plan out your maintenance tasks and negotiate rates and the nature of the work covered to get a good deal. Gutter cleaning and maintenance is an important component of this contract, and will provide the biggest benefits to your industrial roofing systems.

In many different ways industrial roofing service providers can add value to your commercial or non-residential establishment. But to avoid being cheated or overspending, it behooves you to take stock of your required activities and then shop around for a good contractor who will provide you with the services required at a reasonable price and with quality of work guaranteed.


Types of Industrial Roofing Services

Industrial roofing services are a lucrative avenue of opportunity because industrial roofing is costly and maintaining these roofs can be intensely frustrating for owners. This is a guide to what industrial roofing services entails and how to go about choosing the best ones for your specific needs.

Industrial sheeting services are one of the services typically offered by professionals. They are meant to provide industrial roofing systems with single or double skin covers, or even composite panel, standing seam and over-sheeting systems. These services all involve installing a new roof system over the currently existing one, without needing removal or tearing down. A spacer bar is first installed over it, and this will support the new roof while protecting the older one beneath it.

Insulating the space between the two roofing systems is an optional extra. Over-sheeting is a useful industrial roofing service because it permits work to continue inside the building even as construction work happens on the outside. There is little if any disruption to regular commercial services, which provides a major benefit in economic terms to the business owner. As a result of the industrial roofing services, the appearance and energy efficiency of the office building is improved because of the insulation effect.

Another industrial roofing service is roof felting. At times it becomes necessary that an industrial roofing system is stripped and resheeted. This happens more often in buildings that were once roofed with asbestos sheets, in light of the growing awareness about the health hazards of asbestos roofing. Removing asbestos roofing makes the work place safer, and that has led to a specialized group of roofing contractors whose area of expertise is roof felting. In buildings with a flat roof, a torch-on or single ply roof felting will lower the fire hazards and prevent combustion related injury to roofing systems. This matters specifically in the petrochemical and food industries.

One more area of industrial roofing services is roofing gutter systems. When gutters are not properly maintained or become damaged, they can cause severe problems with your roofing system. This can weaken the structure of a building and even impair the integrity leading to further damage. Industrial guttering services tackle this problem. Installing modern systems is an important industrial roofing service, and involves installing liners made of light weight materials. In case the budget for repairs is more limited, seamless gutter lining systems are an attractive option that can protect the roof without requiring extensive overhauls. These single-piece linings are designed to minimize leads at gutter joints.

For more about industrial roofing services, check out this comprehensive report.


Industrial Roofing – What Services Do Roof Contractors Provide?

Industrial roofing for commercial establishments is a costly, complex and complicated affair. Contrary to the do-it-yourself nature of some simple residential roofing projects, it is rare if not impossible for industrial roofing to be attempted by hobbyists and amateurs.

So as building owners are forced to seek professional assistance, the frustration and futility of finding a reliable, competent and affordable contractor kicks in. This short guide is to help you if you are in this place and seeking assistance with industrial roofing services.

Your needs may be simple, like installing a single or double skin roof. Other requirements may be more complex, like having a composite panel or standing seam roofing system installed. Others may require working on an existing roof through over-sheeting. And additional needs may include weather-proofing, insulation, sound-proofing or more that are specific to your particular industry or field.

Over-sheeting is one of the most common services requested of industrial roofing contractors. This is favored because the work can go on outside the building, covering an existing roof, without having to pause or halt work inside it. This means productivity of the factory or workshop is not hampered or affected, even as additional protection is provided by way of the oversheeting project.

Sometimes, however, it becomes mandatory to strip and re-sheet industrial roofing systems, a situation more often seen in legacy roofing systems made of asbestos which has health hazards more recently identified. Specialists in asbestos roofing replacement are in high demand for this reason.

Another popular industrial roofing service is cladding. This often leaves the existing roofing frame intact, with a new spacer bar system installed to act as a strut for the new industrial roofing cladding. Insulation can also be added to enhance the energy efficiency of the building.

Industrial gutter systems are by far the most common problem for commercial establishments. When these are damaged or partly blocked because of poor maintenance, it can cause serious problems. Over time, they may affect the structural integrity of the building itself, making very expensive replacement jobs necessary.

Industrial roofing gutter cleaning services address this problem at an early stage and keep at bay the more costly repairs. Renewing existing gutter systems with modern lightweight systems and lining the pipes to prevent leak and seepage are simple and inexpensive options. Cleaning out clogged gutters will also minimize the risk of leaks and damage.

Other industrial roofing jobs also fall under the ambit of the industrial roof contractor. You can learn more about these projects and what to look for in an industrial roofing contractor in this article.