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Design Bathrooms That Are Trendy And Chic With These Ideas

To design bathrooms that are modern and trendy is not a difficult task. Yet, if you feel that is not up your street you can always employ professionals or experts in the field of bathroom design. But, do not give yet. Take a look at scores of ideas floating around in different forums and discussion boards on designing modern bathrooms with all amenities. Spend some time checking out what people are talking about and what problems they face when desiging new bathrooms or renovating old ones.

As you read through them you will feel more and more excited about the various facets that comprise bathroom design. The plumbing, the electricals and the flushing of waste are the three important areas that usually will be taken care of when building the home. But if you want to add an extra bathroom fitting then you will need to just extend the piping from the exisitng outlets available. Going for a completely new outlet will involve a lot of work like breaking the wall which is usually not worth the trouble. So, when you design bathrooms make it point to put as many outlets for water and electricity as required much in advance.

There are some important points to remember before you design bathrooms. First, you need to have the right measurements of all your bathrooms so, when you sit down to design them you will have all the dimensions ready. The size of the bathroom is important as small bathroom can’t afford too many extravagant fixtures like huge bathtubs, separate shower stalls, big twin sink sets with cabinets and so on. You need to design a little more modestly for smaller rooms.

For example the master bedroom with large bathrooms can have all the above and more. A huge wall mirror framed with tiles or bare can go against the wall equipped with the cabinet sytle vanities or sinks. If you have the space playing with different ideas to design bathrooms will be fun and enjoyable. Designs for separate tubs and shower stalls can be considered. Combining them is also an option. Then modern options like jacuzzi, whirlpool, hot tubs or just soaking tubs with shower options are great to relax in after a hard day’s work. Some of these units come equipped with lcd screens, FM radio and other modern electronic gadgets. Watching a movie while relaxing in warm, massaging tub is wonderful way to unwind after a hard day.

But, it’s not always practical to have relaxing tub baths or like in most city homes there is isn’t enough space for large tubs. So, for your small bathroom you can have a combination bathtub and shower. If you want you can indulge in a big vanity sink if you have the space. Then you need space for storage of bath towels and other toiletry items. You also need to plan for the toilet. There are large toilets with wall mounted flush. Then there are built in flush tanks which are concealed in the wall of the bathroom. This needs to be planned for in advance.

For the guest bathroom which might be very tiny just a shower stall. Add a small single sink vanity and flush toilet. This completes the guest bathroom. As you can see to design bathrooms all you need is a little bit of creativity and of course you can generously borrow loads of ideas from the internet.

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