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Blinds Direct – Order Your Curtains Direct To Your Home

Ordering blinds direct from the comfort of your home is possible today because of the large number of companies selling a variety of window treatments online. Blinds, curtains, shades in thousands of designs, patterns, colors and materials are available to you at the click of the mouse.

If you don’t like the blinds in one store you can just pick another store from the search engine and look through their catalog. Most companies also offer to mail you samples of their products so you can judge for yourself whether the materials match your expectations.

Some people prefer blinds because they are minimalist in design and don’t take attention away from other parts of the room. Curtains can be bulky and and take up more space and distracting. These are more suitable for old style rooms with large amount of spaces, high ceilings and old style heavy furniture.

The modern trend is more towards lighter furniture, very little clutter and lower ceilings. In such homes blinds make a superb style statement. They do not take up much space and yet can be effective in controlling the amount of light entering a room. Venetian and mini blinds can be opened to let in the required amount of light or kept closed as need be.

There are plenty of stores online that sell a whole range of blinds. The array of products to choose from is mind-boggling. So, how do you decide which store to order from. You can order blinds direct to home, but how do you know you will get the products you ordered and paid for. For your safety order your blinds only from stores that have good track record. Look for stores that professional websites, offline presence, iron-clad guarantees, replacing of damaged goods and return goods if they are not what you ordered.

It is easy to research about the stores at different forums and online communities. People are quick to relate their horror stories about bad shopping experiences. Just search for complaints about a company using search engines or ask questions at Yahoo Answers or Yelp!

If there are generally good reviews posted about a site or company then is safer to buy with them. Look for testimonials on the site and other feed back. Customers usually write back if they have very good experience or bad experiences that they have had when shopping at any store.

Once you are satisfied that a online blinds store is trustworthy you can order the needed window treatment by entering the correct measurements of your different windows. If possible talk to a store representative at the blinds direct store or email them and get guidance on measuring your windows.

Give them all the data so that they can advice you correctly. Place your order with the details clearly mentioned if you ordering to made to measure blinds. Remember that blinds once designed for a particular measurement can’t be modified easily. Ready made blinds come in standard sizes and can be simply put up with no modifications.

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