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Bathroom Design Tips For Spectacular Bathrooms

Get bathroom design tips from experts and professionals before you set out to create you own dream bathroom. Today there thousands of options for homeowners to make bathrooms a private haven where you can retire to and have quality alone time. The hustle and bustle of modern life takes its toll on our private spaces especially in big cities and towns where you are always surrounded by crowds. Buses, subways, elevators and escalators, underground trains, roads and shopping districts are mostly crowded and leave you craving for space.

At home kids, pets, phone and internet, cooking, cleaning, TV are always making a demand on your time. Rarely, do you get a moment’s peace from all the activities around you. When you want to switch off your mind and completely relax with peace and serenity as your companions. Today, with some simple bathroom design tips you can transform your ordinary bathroom into best area often seen in 5-star hotels, resorts and spas.

The tool modern designers use to make bathroom hots are superb quality bathroom fittings and fixtures. Hot tubs, jacuzzi, sauna, rainshowers, waterfall shower heads are just a few ideas which implemented can transform any ordinary bath into private space that you would love to retire to after a heavy day’s work. With cool interiors made possible by best fittings designing the very best small bathroom is child’s play for today’s professionals. Using these bathroom design tips even you can change your bathroom into a modern designer room.

People who can afford to have a large enough bathroom can generally play around with different design schemes and have enough room to move around without bumping into the bathtub or the sink cabinet. They can also stand without banging their head into a wall cabinet placed their to make use of the space. Large bathrooms need not bother about wasted space due to the presence of door or window. It is small bathrooms with limited space that need to take into consideration all these issues.

So, here are some bathroom design tips for your small bathroom in order to both make them look spacious and also actually make them a little more spacious with some thoughtful planning:

  • 1. Choose lighter color scheme for the bathroom decor. These gives the room a nice and airy feel and illusion of larger space.
  • 2. If space is a constraint inside the bathroom then keep the storage area for towels, cleaning products, soaps and candles etc in a wall cabinet just outside the bathroom.
  • 3. Choose a pedestal type of sink instead of the cabinet style which takes more room. Else, make use of the space under the sink for storing all your bathroom supplies.
  • 4. Another bathroom design tip – If floor space is at a premium in your bath then go for overhead storage cabinets.
  • 5. Choose a narrower trim in proportion to your bathroom size. Wider trim makes the room look smaller as it is disproportionate to the size of the bathroom.
  • 6. If the bathroom door opens inside the bathroom, you lose a large area where you can’t keep or do anything meaningful. It’s a wasted dead space. But, if it opens outside you get a little more space to use inside the bathroom.
  • 7. Windows are another space constraint. So, opt for a smaller window that is placed a little higher than your height. This way you also get privacy, while you can place bigger tubs or closets in the space saved.

The above are just a few bathroom design tips to better use the space inside your small bathroom.

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