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Bathroom Design Pictures Can Help You Design Cool Bathrooms

There are many components to bathroom design and each of them can be the focus of bathroom design pictures. Be it baths or sinks, showers or taps, toilets or bidets, or other accessories, there’s no alternative that’s better than seeing them in action in their natural surrounds.

The Bathroom Design Guide features some splended collections of bathroom design pictures that will be sure to help you make decisions.

What type of bath do I choose?Baths can be divided into several categories, depending on their shape and size, and what they are made of. If you don’t want a rectangular bath, there are several different corner bath options. An offset corner will fit into a corner in a roughly triangular shape so that the belly of the bath is much wider than the tap end, whereas a true corner bath has two equal length sides.

Shower baths are a great space-saving option when you are looking for a generous showering area, and still want a bath, but have no room for a separate shower enclosure.

And you can choose from a variety of color combinations and choices from various online resources displaying bathroom design pictures. For instance, if you’re looking for a Blue and White theme or a serene country style bathroom, then ‘House to Home‘ has some ideas…

Give your bathroom a glamorous edge by choosing an unusual deep marine blue that looks warm and stylish.Or this roll-top bath has been given a new lease of life using a stencil with a pretty rose damask pattern. The bath and basin are vintage-style features, while The Royal Flush wallpaper adds an interesting, modern touch.

Nothing however is quite as fulfilling and helpful as seeing actual photographs of bathrooms planned and created by expert designers, or even viewing bathroom design pictures. Leading Australian interior design website Spaced has a collection of interesting designs that may inspire and enthuse you to design a better bathroom.

Maybe you want a contemporary bathroom or Victorian style; large, modern tiles or discount tiles for the budget-conscious. A less fancy consideration is your exhaust fan, or try a heated towel rail for added luxury.Browse below for bathroom renovation pictures, general design idea photos or quite specific inspiration.

All these sites and the thousands out there on the Web display high quality bathroom design pictures that will make your task of planning and designing your own bathroom easy and fun. You may have to hunt around to find the ideal look you want, but you won’t be left wanting for choice!

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